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Wade Brothers (Brett and Joel) - Which Wade?

Format: LP
Label: Columbia 80024
Year: 1979
Origin: Chilliwack, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, funk, soul
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Soft Rock Room, 1970's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
One Way Ticket
Too Much in Need of Someone
Today Has Brought Me You
Piece of Love
In the Sky

Side 2

Track Name
Didn't Expect to Feel
Down and Dirty
Our Paradise
If Time Could be Erased
Rainbow Mountain


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Wade Brothers - Which Wade BACK

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Wade Brothers - Which Wade INSERT SIDE 01

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Wade Brothers - Which Wade INSERT SIDE 02

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The Wade Brothers – Which Wade (2)

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Wade brothers   which wade front

Which Wade?


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The Wade Brothers, Richard and David, have been entertaining professionally since the age of eight. They began with piano lessons and after five years started playing guitar.

Singing was always a favorite hobby for them. They were always picking and singing country and cross-over rock in the background as they joined in with the junior choir, school glee-club, and for 20 years with the Barbershoppers.

In university, they sank in Red ‘n Black, coffee houses and hootenanies as well as eleven live CBC shows in Halifax. Since 1982 the Wade Brothers have been associated with Capital City Jamboree and Country Showcase always mixing humour and good fun with their own kind of country music.

They have also sung in fairs as well as countless churches, beauty pageants, senior citizen's homes and numerous charities throughout the province of New Brunswick. Several national television and radio shows have featured them including, “Up Home Tonight,” Mid-Day Magazine,” and “On the Road Again.”

As dentists, the Wade Brothers have tried to promote good public relations for their entire profession by bringing the “common touch” to their many listeners.

Brett Wade: lead vocals, guitar, guitar synthesizer, flute, background vocals
Joel Wade: bass, lead vocals, background vocals
Doug Louie: acoustic piano
Glen Hendrickson: drums, synthesizer drums
Jim Valence: drums
Geoff Eyre: drums, synthesizer drums, background vocals
Jim Salmon: congas
Jim McGilvrey: congas
Graeme Coleman: fender rhodes piano, grand piano
Doug Louie: polysynthesizer
Dale Jacobs: roland polyphonic, rhodes piano
Ralph Dykes: vibes
Mary Saxton: background vocals
Joani Taylor: background vocals
Jane Mortifee: background vocals
Nancy Nash: background vocals
Melinda Whiticker: background vocals
Rosalind Keene: background vocals

Musical arrangements by Brett Wade, Joel Wade, Graeme Coleman, and Dale Jacobs
Vocal arrangements by Brett Wade, Joel Wade, and Geoff Eyre
Produced by Dale Jacobs for Pacific West Productions
Engineered by Dale Jacobs (on 'I'd Do Anything', One Way Ticket', 'Too Much (In Need of Someone')
Engineered by Carlton Lee for the remaining tracks
Additional engineering by Done Steele and Brian Campbell
Associate producers: Joel Wade, Brett Wade, and Doug Lowe
Recorded at Total Sounds West Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mixed at Manta Sound, Toronto, Ontario
Mixed by Dale Jacobs, Don Lorusso, Brett Wade, and Joel Wade
Mixing engineering by Gary Gray
Mastered at CBS Records Canada Ltd. by Philip Joiner
This album was mixed using the Aphex Aural Exciter System

Cover photography by Michael Gray, assisted by Vistek Ltd.
Art direction by M.W. Herzog
Jacket concept by Terry McGee, Michael Gray, Dean Motter


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