UHF (Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes) - UHF

Format: CD
Label: Tangible Records TR 102
Year: 1991
Origin: Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Genre: folk
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1990's, Folk, British Columbia


Track Name
When I Sing
Holding Out for You
Keep Lightin' That Fire
Day By Day
Golan Boys
Running Back to Her
House Up On the Hill
Can't Go Home
When Life Explodes
One Step Closer to the Light
Wings For the Sky
Do I Love You



UHF (Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes) - UHF




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A blend of folk, rock, country and pop from 3 of Western Canada's most unique and well-loved singer-songwriters. No overdubs: guitars, violin, piano, mandolin, & dulcimer live off the studio floor--simply acoustic, simply amazing voices and musicianship.

Opening with the scat-laced fan fave "When I Sing," a Henderson composition, and working through Forbes' up-tempo "Keep Lightin' That Fire," and Ulrich's moving "House Up On the Hill, the record was a critical success.

"It's a wonderful balance," Henderson has said of the group. "I find some neat mysteries in it. One of them is how we get the vocal blend we do. I would never have expected that to work. But it just did, an amazing surprise."

For his part, Forbes considers his and Henderson's driving guitar work an integral part of the mix.

"The twin guitar attack that Bill and I have is really developing...and with Shari in the middle playing fiddle and mandolin...we're pulling things out of each other. It's a powerful force."

To learn more about these artists and UHF, please visit the artists' websites:

Shari Ulrich: http://www.shariulrich.com
Bill Henderso[n: http://www.gonegonegone.com
Roy Forbes: http://www.royforbes.ca


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