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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

Format: CD
Label: Murderecords MUR 004
Year: 1995
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Rock Room, Nova Scotia, 1990's


Track Name
Hated It
French Inhale
All Dressed Up
Pink is the Colour
You got an Answer
Radio Blaster


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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

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Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb (EP)

R 1617304 1254087028

Smart Bomb (EP)


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Thrush Hermit was the former band of Joel Plaskett.

Compared to fellow Halifax [Nova Scotia, Canada] bands Sloan and the Super Friendz, Thrush Hermit is the only one that could be called a hard rock band. Their heavy guitar sound, wailing and pouty vocals, and obvious love for '70s album rock and punk sets them apart from the others - who are known for their melodies and wistful musings, not their aggression and raw energy.

Thrush Hermit was formed in 1992 by Joel Plaskett (vocals/guitar), Rob Benvie (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Ian McGettigan (bass/vocals), and Cliff Gibb (drums). After releasing several cassettes (Nobody Famous, John Boomer, Ammo) and a single, the band signed to Murderecords (Sloan, Super Friendz, Eric's Trip) and the Smart Bomb EP was released in 1994. Their second EP, The Great Pacific Ocean, followed in 1995, and the group appeared on the Mallrats soundtrack as well. Their first full-length, Sweet Homewrecker, was issued by Elektra in 1997, but the label dropped the band soon after the single "North Dakota" was released.

By 1999, Gibb had left and been replaced by Benn Ross, Thrush Hermit had signed to the Hamilton, Ontario, label Sonic Unyon, and Clayton Park was issued in February of that year. On September 21, 1999, the band announced its amicable split, but toured with the Flashing Lights and the Local Rabbits in the fall before they broke up permanently. -- Gina Boldman/Allmusic.com

Halifax-based band were originally inspired by fellow Haligonians Sloan who signed the young act to their own label - Murderecords - in 1994. Their first EP, 'Smart Bomb', firmly entrenched the act as part of the, then, trendy Cod-Rock movement (which featured Sloan, Hardship Post, Eric's Trip et al).

Thrush Hermit's love for '70s rock supergroups like Led Zeppelin and The Band led to their gradual but steady change in direction, which was hinted at during the Edgefest '95 festival in Toronto when they played an entire set of Steve Miller songs. So, with a bit more experience under their belts, they recorded 'Great Pacific Ocean' EP with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Bush) in 1995 in Chicago. With Albini's knowledge of Canadian rock and significant pull with US major labels, Elektra signed the band in 1996 and backed their first full-length CD 'Sweet Homewrecker' in 1997.

With reluctance, the label released the single "North Dakota" from the album and after it did no chart action the label set Thrush Hermit into limbo while it focused on other priority acts. Meanwhile, the single did gain nominal success in Canada so the band had to scramble to raise money for a video which helped the album sell respectable numbers for a Canadian debut. However, Elektra paid the band for their troubles and cut them loose in early 1998. Since then, the group has been working with Dale Morningstar (Dinner Is Ruined) on an independent follow-up.
-Fred Lajoie


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