Sweatshop union   natural progression front


Sweatshop Union - Natural Progression

Format: 2LP
Label: Battle Axe Records BAX 1026
Year: 2003
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rap, hip-hop
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Hip-Hop Rap Room, 2000's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
The Answer
Radio Edit
I Got News
Don't be Afraid
Baho Ang Titi Mo

Side 2

Track Name
Better Days (featuring Moka Only)
Truman Show
On the Sly

Side 3

Track Name
Garbage Love Songs and Cheesy Jingles
The Way
Stolen Memories

Side 4

Track Name
Any Reason
The Thing About It
The Question


Sweatshop union   natural progression back

Sweatshop Union - Natural Progression BACK

Sweatshop union   natural progression front

Natural Progression


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Sweatshop Union's second album is aptly titled, with an album that builds from the same space as their debut album but does it all so much better. And with a very earthy, organic feel. They retain the need to rap with a message; amongst the pleas for individuality and creativity, they call for the people to take responsibility for their tax dollars that are being spent on military defence ("US"). Of the group's seven members, Kyprios stands out the most on the group tracks and with his two solos: the jazzy-blues of "I Got News," which paraphrases Black Sheep for the chorus, and less so with his Everlast cast-off, "Stolen Memories." Sweatshop's Mos Eisley, Mr. Marmalade, Dusty Melodica and Metty the DertMerchant contribute chill beats that are influenced by everything from reggae to blues to rock and so on; and label-mate Bookworm of the Oddities adds a standout with some smooth, psychedelic guitar for "Any Reason." But, it's a couple by Rob the Viking that might get them the most attention. Along with "I Got News," which was produced along with Tawgs and Kyprios, is "Radio Edit," the Sweatshop Union anthem for the radio, with sarcastic radio edits and an Eminem feel to the track. There are not many obvious hits on Natural Progression, but it's a solid front-to-back listen.
-Thomas Quinlan, exclaim.ca, Apr 01, 2004


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