Eric stack fruit from another garden front


Stach, Eric - Fruit from Another Garden

Format: LP
Label: Radio Canada International RCI 425
Year: 1975
Origin: London, Ontario
Genre: jazz
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Jazz


Side 1

Track Name
Gran Zafra (Great Harvest)

Side 2

Track Name
Love Sonnet to a Magenta Maiden
Wreaths of Common Flowers


Eric stach   fruit from another garden label 01

Eric Stach - Fruit from Another Garden LABEL 01

Eric stach   fruit from another garden label 02

Eric Stach - Fruit from Another Garden LABEL 02

Eric stack fruit from another garden back

Eric Stack-Fruit From Another Garden BACK

Eric stack fruit from another garden front

Fruit from Another Garden


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From the liner notes. "These four musicians from London, Ontario formed the nucleus of their former band: the LONDON EXPERIMENTAL JAZZ QUARTET, whose first recording, entitled "Invisible Roots" gave a clear indication of their uncompromising attitude to music. The LEJQ also toured Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the fall of 1973. As the name suggests-and as the music recorded here clearly indicates-the group concentrates on original, innovative material and ideas, an earnest creative exploration of new musical horizons or possibilities. It is a serious attempt to play jazz as an innovative and a pure art form".

The music in this album is a completely spontaneous "stream of consciousness" music. I intentionally refrained from providing any musical guidelines for the other musicians - nor did I wish to impress my personal feelings or mood(s) upon the others. In fact I avoided any discussion whatsoever about the kind of music which might ensue. I wanted each musician to approach the session in his own terms completely - an open creative process, nurtured in and flowing from within the self.

The music resulted from one long continuous session with no editing whatsoever. Nature follows its own course, free and uninterrupted, and this is how I wanted the music to be.
-Eric Stach


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