Eskimos cam in from cold


Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - The Eskimos Who Came in From the Cold

Format: LP
Label: Laurentien CTM 6045
Year: 1965
Origin: Sherbrooke, Québec
Genre: theatre, Soundtrack, Musical, Television
Keyword:  ookpik
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No


Side 1

Track Name
This is the Unnoted Nations
I'm the Secretary General
I'm an Ookpik Salesman
Eskimos are Constantly on Top of the World

Side 2

Track Name
Spy Impromptu
Quite an Operator
Life in America
The Glorious, Gruelling, Grand Old Game of Golf
Caught in a Wonderful Spell
And Now She's Gone
We See a Bright Tomorrow


Eskimos cam in from cold

The Eskimos Who Came in From the Cold


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THE ESKIMOS WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD " (1965 Canadian Musical) - This was the BISHOP UNIVERSITY'S 1965 REVUE from Sherbrooke, Québec's, much in the vein of MY FUR LADY and WRY AND GINGER. The limited pressings of the original casts have never been easy to find, there being so few of them and the lack of any real commercial distribution. The show's title also adds (OR) "GREAT OOKPICTATIONS". The plot revolves a rumoured plan by the Russians to place a nuclear reactor in their part of the Arctic in an attempt to melt the polar ice. This then involves three main characters...a Canadian named OWL, an American named TRIGG and a Russian counter-spy named ARMA. OWL and ARMA fall in love...and so on and so on.


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