Shuffle Demons - Streetniks

Format: LP
Label: Stubby Records SR001
Year: 1986
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: jazz, rock
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, Jazz, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
The Shuffle Monster
Spadina Bus
Gabi's Gimi Suit

Side 2

Track Name
Out of My House, Roach!
Vitamin K (In Honor of Keith's India Pale Ale)
The Puker
Big Daddy, Fat Boy


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Shuffle Demons - Streetniks

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Shuffle Demons - Streetniks

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Shuffle Demons - Streetniks

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Shuffle Demons - Streetniks




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The album that started it all including some bonus tracks. Recorded in 2 days and mixed in one, this album captured the Demons raw street energy on vinyl and was an instant success. Streetniks spawned 2 MuchMusic video hits Spadina Bus and Out of my House, Roach, and sold 15,000 units as an independent album in Canada, the most by any Canadian artist pre Barenaked Ladies. The original vinyl featured 7 songs, but the CD has been expanded to 11 with some great live on the street and live in Europe material. From the opening strains of the Shuffle Monster, the Demons say it loud and clear... there's a new kind of music on the scene!

Demon Richard Underhill: alto & baritone saxes, lukophone, vocals, shouts
Demon Mike Murley: tenor, baritone & alto saxes, vocals, handclaps
Demon Dave Parker: tenor sax, flute, vocals, handclaps, roach stomps
Demon Jim Vivian: bass, vocals, handclaps
Demon Stich Wynston: drums, gongs, bells, windchimes, triangle, goat nails castanets, vocals, handclaps, dancing
Demon Perry White: tenor sax (Amsterdam Strut & Pie in the Sky)
Demon Mike Milligan: bass (Pie in the Sky)
Demon Oliver Saar: alto sax (Pie in the Sky)
Demon Hardy: tenor sax (Pie in the Sky)
Demon Markus: Digeridoo (Pie in the Sky)

Recorded at Grant Studio, Hamilton, Ont. - April 6 & 7, 1986 & The Corner of Queen & Spadina, Toronto - April 25, 1986
Produced by Michael Wojewoda & The Shuffle Demons
Cover photo: Edward Gadjel
Art & Design: Kurt Swinghammer


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