The royal family i told a lie apex


Royal Family - I Told A Lie b/w Don't You Even Want To Know

Format: 45
Label: Apex 76971
Year: 1965
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta
Genre: rock, garage
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, Alberta, 1960's


Side 1

Track Name
I Told A Lie

Side 2

Track Name
Don't You Even Want To Know


The royal family dont you even want to know apex

Royal Family - I Told A Lie b/w Don't You Even Want To Know

The royal family i told a lie apex

I Told A Lie b/w Don't You Even Want To Know


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Canada too has a Royal Family. They don't possess any Royal * jewels but they have created a jewel of a talent for themselves. They are the product of todays supply and demand of the music industry. Their Kingdom, if you will, was restricted to Edmonton, but conquest after conquest has now extended the borders of their songdom the length and breadth of Alberta. With the release of their first record "I Told A Lie" and "Don't You Even Want To Know" Canada's Royal Family are now known from coast to coast. The breaks came early in the life of The Royal Family. Unlike most groups, who go through many months and sometimes years of performances before recognition, The Royal Family were signed to a recording contract while they were relatively unknown. Al though working as a team of musicians for less than a year they have become very polished and professional and, most important, versatile. They are accepted by all age groups and even by the so-called good music buffs. What modern pop group can boast a concert for the students of a Fine Arts school? The Royal Family performed before a packed house at the Banff School of Fine Arts. This was their Canadian premiere. The audience was made up of 50 percent young people and 50 percent adults. The reaction was overwhelming. The audience listened intently as The Royal Family displayed their musical talent, as well as their writing abilities. They performed no less than 50 original compositions. From here their popularity grew in leaps and bounds. The group consists of Larry Hall, drummer, who was born in Edmonton. Besides being one of the top rated drummers of the business he is also an accomplished taxidermist, and painter. Ron Arthurs, also from Edmonton, is the comedian of the group and besides being a specialist on bass is also classed as a grea t fisherman, or so hi s stories would have you believe. He is only 17 a nd attends high school in Edmonton. Main vocalis t and carrying second guitar is Michael Richards. It' s Mike who gives the group that strong Eng lish sound. Week of September lth, 1965 He was born in London, England but has lived in Canada long e nough to be considered a Canadian. Mike is 17 and is following in his father's footsteps in the field of Medicine at the University of Alberta. He is the outdoorish type and excels in sailing and skiing. Bob Edwards is considered the baby of the group. At 16 he is one of the top lead guitarists in the busine ss. He attends high school in Edmonton and has acquired a fa ntastic knowl edge of music and music appreciation. So much in fact that he is considered one of the best music teachers in Edmon ton. The preocc upation of the group as a whole is compo sing music. With a repertoire now boasting fifty well done originals they are working on yet another fifty which must be somewhat of a record. Reaction from the teen set is of prime importance. To this end The Royal Family offer an "open rehearsal", everyone invited. Audiences started at 15 or 20 but after a very few short weeks they increased to over 250. These audiences are a cross section of a ll ages and as critics can be very severe and cruel. But The Royal Family have been assured that their sound is one of the best ' fro'rn' out~ of the west. MEET THE ROYAL. ' FAMILY'
-RPM Magazine, 7 September 1965


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