Stan rogers home in halifax


Rogers, Stan - Home in Halifax

Format: CD
Label: Fogarty Cove Music FCM 010D
Year: 1993
Origin: Hamilton, Ontario
Genre: folk, traditional
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums


Track Name
Make & Break Harbour
Field Behind the Plow
Shriner Cows (dialoge)
Night Guard
Morris Danvers (dialogue)
The Idiot
Free in the Harbour
Band Introduction (dialogue)
Workin' Joe
The Legend of Fingal (dialogue)
45 Years
The Mary Ellen Carter Intro (dialogue)
The Mary Ellen Carter
Barrett's Privateers
Sailor's Rest Intro (dialogue)
Sailor's Rest


Stan rogers home in halifax

Home in Halifax


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Originally recorded by the CBC in March 1982, it took 11 years for this concert to be released on CD to the general public. The set is a good sampling of his early albums (excluding From Fresh Water, which was released after the concert but before this album's eventual release), with solid performances throughout. The inclusion of between-song patter is a revelation to those who think of Rogers as a mythical, almost saint-like figure of folk music: the man had a wicked sense of humor, and he wasn't afraid to use it. The versions here may not be definitive, but as a collection it's top notch.

Rogers performed at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The concert was put together as a live radio and T.V. broadcast celebrating Rogers' annual appearance at the Cohn. The stage was decorated with a ship's mast, wheels, lobster traps and fishing nets.

A release the previous year, titled "In Concert" and released on CBC's "Variety Recordings" label, featured a different track listing of material from the same concert.


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