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Ripcordz - Dead or Alive in '92

Format: 2CD
Label: Mayday
Year: 2006
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: punk
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Release Type: Albums
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Disc 1

Track Name
DeadPizza Girls From Hell
Can't Fool The Kids
Cruisin The Spaceways
Straight Up
No More
Do You Believe
No Choice
Long Dark Train
Open The Pod Bay Doors Hal
Don't Kill Yourself
Two Minutes To Midnight
Right Is Right
21st Century
Get Over You
Cheez Metul
Two-Way Mirrors
Means To Destroy
Happy Song
Hey John
Bye Bye Mon Cowboy
I Didn't Lie
Daily News

Disc 2

Track Name
AliveRipcordz Are Go
Don't Dig Mushrooms
21st Century
Hated In '80's
Teenage Anthem
Means to Destroy
No Choice
Break It Out
Only Takes a Second
Pizza Girls From Hell
New Song
I Don't Get It
Idle Worship of Elvira
Cruisin The Spaceways
Fight McFight
Two-Way Mirrors
Joan Jett Medley
Playin With Fire
Hate Myself For Loving You
Bad Reputation
Elvis Death Cult
Right Is Right
Cheez Metul


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