45 rheostatics my generation


Rheostatics - My Generation b/w Satellite Dancing

Format: 45
Label: World Record Corp. WRC3-1439
Year: 1982
Origin: Etobicoke, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: electronic, rock, new wave, Synth-pop
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Singles
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Playlist: Ontario, New Wave Post Punk Wave, 81-82-83-84 Canadian Music, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
My Generation

Side 2

Track Name
Satellite Dancing


45 rheostatics satellite dancing

Rheostatics - My Generation b/w Satellite Dancing

45 rheostatics my generation

My Generation b/w Satellite Dancing


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Originally posted here on May 2, 2015, here are superior transfers on Nov 20, 2023 of the 1982 debut 7" single from Rheostatics. An extremely rare vinyl release that features the original Bidini/Vesely/Crosby/Clark version of the band. The tracks sound like a cross between Devo and Stompin' Tom. This really is Canadian musical heritage.

Here's part of the band's early story, thanks to Jam Music - "Rheostatics formed during the members' high school years (circa 1980) in Etobicoke, Ontario. Originally they were known as Rheostatics And The Trans Canada Soul Patrol and carried a full horn compliment of horn players. Soon they realized the horn section was too unwieldy and brought in guitarist Tielli to take the place of the horn section. After several independent singles and the 3 song demo 'Canadian Dream', they released the seminal hit "The Ballad Of Wendel Clark Parts 1 & 2" - originally a 12" single and a favoured track on the "For No Apparent Reason" (X Records) compilation. Inspired by favourable reaction to the song, they embarked on their premiere Canadian tour in the summer of 1987 and returned in the fall for the Fall release of the Tom Atom produced 'Greatest Hits' album. The initial run of 1,000 sold-out over the course of a year (and would be re-mastered and re-issued a decade later on CD). A four-year hiatus soon followed but was the band was revived with a deal through Stuart Raven-Hill's Intrepid Records and the release of 'Melville' in 1991. The album gained them some notoriety particularly from the inclusion of a U2-ish bonus track on the CD -- "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald". In 1992, the band released 'Whale Music', a mythical soundtrack to Canadian Paul Quarrington's book of the same name. In 1993 Quarrington (also a musician previously of Joe Hall And The Continental Drift) took the album and his book to film producer Richard A. Lewis (he also being a lapsed muzoid) who sequestered the band in the studio to create the actual soundtrack for the real film adaptation of the Paul Quarrington book 'Whale Music' (itself spawning the Genie Award-winning radio hit "Claire").


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