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Reid, Paul - Count Your Blessings

Format: CD
Label: Robinhood
Year: 1999
Origin: Coburg, Ontario
Genre: Spoken Word Poetry
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Senior Citizens
First Born
House Parties
The Milk Man’s Horse
The Large Family
First Love
The Good Old Days
The Lonely Man
The County Fair
The Old Fashioned Kitchen
A Boy’s First Date
Where Did She Go?
Let’s Go For a Walk
He Takes You For Granted
Peace and Quiet
The Empty House
The Attic
The Nurse
One of These Days
Boyhood Memories
God Given Talents
The Corner Grocery Store
Sights and Sounds
Mountain Streams
The Rocking Chair
A World of Darkness
When You Were a Child
City Parks
Sleigh Ride
The First Puppy
The Locomotive
If You Can Share
Happiness Is...
The Handyman
The City, While You Slept
A World of Silence
He Takes You For Granted (reprise)
To a Teacher


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Count Your Blessings really started out as a few time filling vignettes that Paul could use on the air.

They were all written and recorded by him in the late 1950’s while at CHML in Hamilton.
They became so popular that he was asked by a company to write more because they wanted to sponsor them.

I remember vividly Dad bringing an old underwood typewriter home to the apartment with a huge pile of yellow paper from the newsroom. He spent the next 48 hours straight hammering out what appears on this CD.

When he finished writing on Sunday evening he went to bed. When he woke up Monday morning, he went to work and recorded them all in one sitting.

These master tapes were the first things I found when I opened up my inheritance from my parents.

Compiled, digitally re-mastered and released in 1999, Count Your Blessings raised Thirty thousand dollars for the children’s hospitals in Montréal and Hamilton where they were distributed.

Special thanks to CJAD Radio and l’Équipeur stores in Montréal and

CHML Radio and Mark’s Work Warehouse in Hamilton for being partners in this community minded release.


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