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Raggadeath - ST

Format: CD
Label: Attic ACD 1470
Year: 1997
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, hip-hop, reggae
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, 1990's, Hip-Hop Rap Room, MICHIE MEE


Track Name
Dance With the Devil (vocals Michie Mee)
Unify Version (vocals Phatt Al)
Concrete Ping
Play It Loud (vocals Michie Mee)
Loose as a Goose
Radio 02:12:96
Electric Avenue (vocals Friendlyman and Whitey Don)
Everyday Action (vocals Michie Mee)
Hemisphere (vocals Lorraine Scott)
God Bless
Home Run
Brain Bomb (vocals Mikko Mallinick)
Old School (vocals Friendlyman)


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Raggadeath - ST

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Raggadeath - ST

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Raggadeath - ST

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Raggadeath - ST

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Raggadeath - ST

R 6048845 1568712662 5157



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Walter Sobczak: bass, keyboards
Stephen Kendall: drums
Michie Mee: vocals (tracks 1, 5, 9)
Tallis Newkirk: vocals (tracks 2, 4, 11)
Phatt Al: vocals (track 2)
Friendlyman: vocals (tracks 8, 14)
Whitey Don: vocals (track 8)
Lorraine Scott: vocals (track 10)
Mikko Mallinick: vocals (track 12)
Steve Major: guitar

Music composed and arranged by Stephen Kendall and Walter Sobczak

Additional musicians:
Rick Lazar: percussion
Howard Moore: horns
Roscoe Christie: horns

Produced by Walter Sobczak and Stephen Kendall
Engineered by Walter Sobczak
Engineer assistants: Scott Lake & Shawn Edmondson
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Mixed by Stephen Kendall & Walter Sobczak
Recorded and mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Ontario


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