Rage - I've Got Your Number b/w Stay (picture sleeve)

Format: 7"
Label: Rage Records SP-027P
Year: 1981
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $400.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian Punk, 1980's, Ontario


Track Name
I've Got Your Number

Side 2

Track Name



Rage - I've Got Your Number


Toronto punk write-up


Toronto punk write-up side 2


I've Got Your Number b/w Stay (picture sleeve)


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"The Rage were part of the Toronto punk scene along with such bands as Arson, The Battered Wives, The B-Girls, The Cads, Crash Kills Five, The Curse, The Demics, The Diodes, The Dishes, The Fits, The Forgotten Rebels, Living Proof, The Mods, The Poles, Rex Chainbelt, The Scenics, The Secrets, The Sharks, Slander, Swindled, Teenage Head, Tyranna, The Ugly, The Viletones, Vital Sines, The Young Lions, Youth Youth Youth, Zro4, etc. (see Smash The State, A Discography of Canadian Punk).

They played the punk circuit of places like The Turning Point, The Edge, The El Mocambo, Larry's Hideaway and The Horseshoe, where they hooked up with The Viletones. The Viletones liked them, and had The Rage open up for them a lot, and hung out with them quite a bit.

They also played at the Horseshoe and the Hideaway with Teenage Head, and later on a large Halloween bill at the Roxy Theatre in Barrie, as well as at the historic second "Last Pogo" gig, which marked the end of an era in the Toronto punk scene. Some of the other bands they played with include Crash Kills Five, The Demics, Arson, Rex Chainbelt, The B-Girls, and Stark Naked & The Fleshtones.

Only a few copies of the single made it into local stores because the band broke up just as it was being released, which explains why it is exceedingly rare. The only reason it was not listed in Smash The State, A Discography of Canadian punk is that the author was not aware of it at the time the book was published."


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