Peter francis quinlan shock absorber front


Quinlan, Peter Francis - Shock Absorber

Format: LP
Label: Cod Oil Productions COD-1, World Record Corp. WRC1-1118
Year: 1979
Origin: Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Genre: rock, folk, synth
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Newfoundland Labrador, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Shock Absorber
Saved by the Bell
Motorcycles Trucks and Cars
Just As Nice
The Great Pretender

Side 2

Track Name
South for the Winter
Black Gold
The Night the Ladies Dart League Had the Fight
Teasers Theme



Peter Francis Quinlan - Shock Absorber

Peter francis quinlan shock absorber front

Shock Absorber



Peter Francis Quinlan released this terrific Newfoundland recording of folk rock synth with the help of THE who's who of Newfoundland recording artists of the day, not to mention the more than 200 other folks who likely contributed, as listed on the back of the album. Shock Absorber was released on what could be the-most-Newfoundland of Production companies - Cod Oil Productions. 8 of the 10 compositions were written by Peter Francis Quinlan. His best known song "The Night the Ladies Dart League Had the Fight", was a comedy ballad about The Bull's-Eyes and Debbies hucking darts at eachother down at Lucky's Place - the youtube video has more than 6,000 views. The song "Newfoundland" is the most psychedelic song ever written about the Rock. "Shock Absorber" is a Newfie synth rocker definitely worth the price of admission. Black Gold sounds as if it was written just the other day (except oil was at $12/bbl, gold went up from $160 to a whopping $200, and the Canadian dollar dropped from 94 cents to 86 cents against it's US$ counterpart). He returned in 1997 with his only other effort, Take Me Back to Newfoundland. Later on, he was co-executive producer for the "Singers For Fishermen" CD.
-Robert Williston

Band Members: Neil Bishop, Frank Quinlan, Bruce Nelson, Moe,
George Hebert: guitar
Rusty Walker, Len Bishop, Neil Bishop: steel guitar
Dave Roberts, Barry Grant, Ricky Walsh, Brian Murphy: keyboards
Nelson Giles, Skip Abbott, John Grant, Mick Farrington, Tim Griffin, Jerry Martin: drums
Mike Farrington, Beth Harrington, Jim Kennedy, Skip Abbott, Teddy McNeil, Claude Caines, Neil Bishop, Bruce Nelson, Dave Roberts, Lloyd Taylor, Brian & Marty of Governur: background vocals.

Recorded at Audio Atlantic & Clode Sound
Remixed by Clode Sound Productions
Engineers: Mike Farrington, Birds & Harp, Neil Bishop, Claude Caines, Pat Martin and Grant Kennedy

Photo by Noel Lovey
Flowers courtesy of Sonny's Flowers.
Cover design: Noel Lovey, Glen Bonnell, Frank Quinlan


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