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Ptarmigan - ST (re-issue)

Format: CD
Label: Groovedigger Records GDR33
Year: 1999
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock, folk
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Go Dancing
The Island
Night of the Gulls: A Hymn to the Ocean; a Great Northern Lake


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This folk/jazz Westcoast acoustic recording predates New Age and Worldbeat by a decade. Eerie & introspective. Originally on Columbia of Canada. Now a Prog/cult item.

In 1970, Monte Nordstrom was invited by singer/recorder player, Glen Dias to join the Vancouver Island ensemble, 'Ptarmigan'. The following year, Dias & Nordstrom toured Canada writing & performing new music on the coffeehouse circuit between Victoria's Queequeg, Winnipeg's Ting Tea Room & Ottawa's le Hibou. The highlight of this tour was in Ottawa when the duo spent two weeks opening for the legendary guitarist, Lenny Breau. Performing two shows per night for two weeks & socializing with Lenny was a highly influential experience for Monte.

In 1972-73, international jazz master, Paul Horn produced the music of Ptarmigan at Mushroom Studio in Vancouver. Columbia Records released the Ptarmigan LP in early 1974. The launch of the Ptarmigan release was at The Egress nightclub in Vancouver, where Nordstrom & Dias spent a week opening for the Paul Horn Quintet. The duo last performed together in 1978 at the Midsummer Affair festival.

Ptarmigan was a very unusual & noncommercial music that was ahead of its time. The ethereal ambience of Nordstrom & Dias' compositions continue to impress a wide spectrum of people. A bootleg European release on vinyl in the 80s created a cult following in the Progressive rock genre. In response to this continuing interest, the authorized Ptarmigan CD is re-issued through this website.

Produced by Paul Horn for VIP Ltd. (Vancouver Island Productions)
Recording Engineer: Keith Stein. Mixed by Paul Horn & Keith Stein
Cover Art & Photo: Glen Dias. Ptarmigan Logo: James Norquay
All songs composed by: Glen Dias & Monte Nordstrom
Published by Samadhi Music, BMI; Northstream Music/SOCAN & Bear Bones Music/SOCAN
Recorded at Canbase (Mushroom) Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Glen Dias: Vocals, Recorders & Percussion
Monte Nordstrom: Vocals & Twelve String Guitar
Kat Hendrikse: Drums
Dave Field: Acoustic Bass
Richard Mayer: Electric Bass (The Island)
Peter Wheeler: Hand Drums
Paul Horn: Percussion

This Re-Issue is dedicated to David Aston
1: rise (:24)
2: Go Dancing (5:16) - mp3 - 1123.kb
The Island - mp3 - 1479.kb
3: (pt 1) intro (1:58)
4: (pt 2) preamble (:37)
5: (pt 3) main theme (6:29)
6: (pt 1) reflections (2:54)
7: (pt 2) the city (2:39)
Night of the Gulls
8: (pt 1) on the water (:51)
9: (pt 2) on the wind (3:10)
A Hymn to the Ocean & A Great Northern Lake
10: (pt1) ocean song (6:17) - mp3 - 1271.kb
11: (pt 2) afternoon rain (:48)
12: - Coquihalla (9:43)
Bonus Track: "Midsummer Affair" (1978; from GDR44 "Silhouette of Our Insanity")
13: Chimborazo (Nordstrom) (7:00) Monte Nordstrom: Vocal, Guitar; Glen Dias: Shaker
14: Chimborazo - studio tag (1:38) Michael Bieling: Congas; Raymond Bruvold: Bass; Dave Rowse: Sax; Barry Dayman: Flute/Mandolin; Jim Shain: Guitar/PhoTron
13: Engineered by Greg Pauker
14: Engineered by Ed deBree; Produced by Monte Nordstrom

Re-mastered at Media Magic, Victoria, BC by Mark Franklin & Monte Nordstrom.
Thanks to Paul Horn!
Graphics, Layout & Digital Photo Edits by Barry Newman:
Booklet Art Direction, Text, Titles & Design by Monte Nordstrom 1999

Groovedigger Records, Box 196 Crofton, BC, CANADA, V0R 1R0


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