Null set new job


Null Set - New Job (EP)

Format: 12"
Label: Nova Scotia School of Art and Design
Year: 1980
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: experimental, post punk
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: 12"
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Experimental & Electronic, New Wave Post Punk Wave, 1980's


Track Name
Teats de Nuit
Rubber Wings
Judgement Days
Etude for Triggered Wah



Allan Scarth of the Null Set


Null Set - New Job (EP)

Null set new job

New Job (EP)


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Null Set recorded their only EP under the auspices of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design between October and November, 1980. The four (Chris Cooper, Ron Dickie, Allan Scarth and Heather Ferguson) no doubt helped to kick start a nascent post-punk scene way out in the far-flung, though student-heavy, Halifax area. Much of the record treads those by now well-worn paths of quivering vocals, scratchy guitars and stop-start rhythms so common at the time. But for those looking for something a little farther out, the opener 'Stripe', a mostly wacked-out drum and synth workout by Ferguson and Dickie, packs decades of fun into its brief (1:17) existence. That one is still amazing after all these years! And for those crate-diggers who are adding this to their lists, New Job was pressed up in a relatively healthy run of 1000 copies, so keep those fingers flipping - that true love awaits.
-Michael Panontin
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The image used on the EP cover is from a painting by Jeff Butler.


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