Nomeansno - Wrong

Format: LP
Label: Cargo Records CAR 07
Year: 1989
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://nomeansnomusic.bandcamp.com/album/wrong
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Track Name
It's Catching Up
The Tower
Brainless Wonder
Tired of Waiting
The End Of All Things
Big Dick
Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue
Rags and Bones
Oh No! Bruno!
All Lies






Following the release of "Wrong", Nomeansno could have safely laid down their instruments knowing that they'd just put out the definitive jazzcore album. From the opening bass thuds to the final notes, there's nothing on the album that could be considered a misstep. The playing is incredibly skilled, with the Wright brothers effortlessly shifting tempos and time signatures and Kerr's razor sharp lyrics clicking right into place. Throughout, the album is fused with a sense of energy that was missing from "Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed". Best of all is the silly "Rags and Bones" with Kerr (referred to on this release as "none of your fucking business") claiming that he is "married to a cigarette butt lying in the gutter" over some of the most complex instrumentation you're ever likely to find in good ol' punk rawk. Although they still had a number of albums in them, Nomeansno would never top this one

Issued in the fall of 1989, Wrong drew together all the elements of NoMeansNo that had been developing over the previous 10 years. Featuring the original guitarist Andy Kerr, it was a pared down, punk rock headbanger but with the nuance and subtlety that has always set NMN apart from the genre.

Critically a top ten for many at the time, it has remained on all-time favourite lists to this day. Widely considered to be not only the definitive NMN album, but the finest album of it's genre, Wrong features many fan favourites like "It's Catching Up", "The Tower" and possibly the band's most requested song ever, "Rags and Bones". This album solidified NMN's place among all the best punk rock/alternative bands of that era and they have retained that integrity, energy, and freshness to this day.

This recording was made in a couple of weeks by Nomeansno, Cecil English and Craig Bougie at Profile Studios, Vancouver, BC, Summer '89.

Rob Wright: bass, guitar, vocals
John Wright: drums, percussion, vocals


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