Nomeansno sex mad front


Nomeansno - Sex Mad

Format: LP
Label: Psyche Industry PIR 012
Year: 1986
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $80.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Punk Room, Vancouver Island Collection, 1980's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Sex Mad
No Fgnuik
Hunt The She Beast
Dead Bob

Side 2

Track Name
Long Days
Self Pity


Nomeansno sex mad back

Nomeansno-Sex Mad BACK

Nomeansno sex mad insert side 01

Nomeansno-Sex Mad INSERT SIDE 01

Nomeansno sex mad insert side 02

Nomeansno-Sex Mad INSERT SIDE 02

Nomeansno sex mad label 01

Nomeansno-Sex Mad LABEL 01

Nomeansno sex mad label 02

Nomeansno-Sex Mad LABEL 02

Nomeansno sex mad front

Sex Mad


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Around 1985, there was a "punk" club on Toronto's Bloor St. called Ildiko's (later, The Bridge), where most of the punk bands around played including mine, supporting NoMeansNo. We were sitting on our borrowed Peavey amps watching the band members set up their equipment for soundcheck, thinking, "these guys are going to suck". I mean, they definitely didn't look very "punk": the drummer looked like a dork and the bassist looked like my dad. Well, then they launched into "Sex Mad". After we finished picking our collective jaws up off the floor, I ran to the phone and told my friends to come down as soon as possible, because this was going to be a show not to be missed. Of course, only nine people showed up. But those nine people walked out of Ildiko's changed forever.
-Jonathan Cummins, Doughboys

Rob Wright: bass, vocals
John Wright: drums
Tom Holliston: guitar
Ken Kempster: 2nd drums

came with lyric / photo insert ~ it's approx 19" x 18".

The Canada and UK pressings have the same songs. The USA pressing replaces "Hunt The She Beast" with "Love Thang". Some UK pressings also came on yellow vinyl. The CD features the US track sequence with "No Fgcnuik (original version)" and "Hunt The She Beast" and the You Kill Me 12" EP as bonus tracks.


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