Motherlode - When I Die

Format: LP
Label: Revolver RLPS 501
Year: 1969
Origin: London, Ontario
Genre: pop, soul
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1960's, Ontario, Canadian Psychedelia, Canadian Pop


Side 1

Track Name
When I Die
Oh! See The White Light
You Ain't Lookin' In The Right Place Baby
Help Me Find Peace Of Mind
Hard Life
Child Without Mother

Side 2

Track Name
Dear Old Daddy Bill
Memories of A Broken Promise
Soft Shell
Living Life
What Does It Take (To Win You're Love)
Can't You Find Love



Motherlode - When I Die


When I Die


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Formed in London, Ontario, Canada in the late 60s, Motherlode were best-known for their Top 20 entry, "When I Die". The group consisted of saxophonist Steve Kennedy, keyboardist William "Smitty" Smith, guitarist Kenny Marco and drummer Wayne "Stoney" Stone. The band was working at Top 40 clubs when it was signed to the Canadian label Revolution Records. Their local soul-orientated single "When I Die", written by Smith and Kennedy, was picked up by Buddah Records and ultimately reached number 18 in the US. An album of the same title made the bottom of the charts but follow-up recordings failed to sell and the group disbanded in the early 70s. Smith formed a new Motherlode group and the remaining three members continued as Dr. Music. Smith and Marco later went on to become successful session musicians.


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