Morse code transmission ii front


Morse Code Transmission - II

Format: 2LP
Label: RCA VPS 6092
Year: 1971
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: rock, psych, prog
Value of Original Title: $125.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 1970's, Quebec, Prog Rock, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Funky Alley
Soul Odyssey

Side 2

Track Name
Graveyard of Man
Stick the Fork In

Side 3

Track Name
Liberty, Freedom, Man
Cold Society

Side 4

Track Name
New Woman Kind
Sky Ride
Satan's Song


Morse code transmission ii back

Morse Code Transmission-II BACK

Morse code transmission ii gatefold 01

Morse Code Transmission-II GATEFOLD 01

Morse code transmission ii gatefold 02

Morse Code Transmission-II GATEFOLD 02

Morse code transmission ii label 01

Morse Code Transmission-II LABEL 01

Morse code transmission ii label 02

Morse Code Transmission-II LABEL 02

Morse code transmission ii label 03

Morse Code Transmission-II LABEL 03

Morse code transmission ii label 04

Morse Code Transmission-II LABEL 04

Morse code transmission ii front



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double album, second release. A French Canadian rock band from Montréal, Québec. Their sole hit was Oh Lord, which made it to No. 69 on 27th November 1971. This is one of the better tracks on their first album. The group's name suggests electronics; but don't be misled. What's on offer here is pleasant mainstream pop/rock which occasionally wanders into the progressive genre on tracks like Freedom Train and Oh Lord. Their very rare second double concept album was housed in a superbly colourful gatefold sleeve which pictures a woman lying under a tree. By now the band was reduced to a quartet. Musically this album is very much in the progressive rock genre, with the extended tracks which characterised this style. Five of the nine tracks were penned by Christian Simard and for the remaining four he teamed up with Michel Vallée. Highlights include Funky Alley, New Woman Kind, the instrumental Sky Ride and Satan's Song, but this is recommended for fans of progressive rock. They later became Morse Code and played more progressive music a bit like Ange.

Christian Simard: lead vocals, piano, organ, congas
Bernie Tapin: lead & acoustic guitars
Michel Vallée: bass, vocals
Raymond Roy: drums, percussion


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