Moran   come join me front


Moran, John - Come Join Me

Format: LP
Label: Columbia ES 90231
Year: 1973
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room


Side 1

Track Name
Come Join Me
Westport Romeos
I Don't Know Anymore
The Bottle

Side 2

Track Name
Lady Loves Me
Little Boys
The Shop
Dream Makers
The Beatles' Thing


Moran   come join me gatefold 02

Moran - Come Join Me GATEFOLD 02

Moran   come join me gatefold 01

Moran - Come Join Me GATEFOLD 01

Moran   come join me back

Moran - Come Join Me BACK

Moran   come join me front

Come Join Me


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Moran: vocals, acoustic guitars
John Slorach: bass
Robin Boers: drums
John Pimm: electric guitars

Other musicians:
Moses Hazen: piano
Richie Bowers: harmonica, fiddle
Raffi: acoustic guitar
Mike McDonald: guitar
Peter Schenkman: cello
Matt McCauley: synthesizer
Rhonda Silver: vocals
Mitch Clarke: string arrangements

Produced by Paul Gross at Manta Sound
Engineered by Lee De Carlo and Dave Green
Assistant Engineers: Rick Capreol and Andy Hermant


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