Meyer, Marcia - Phases

Format: LP
Label: Happy Onion Music Publishers, World Record Corp. WRC1-1922
Year: 1981
Origin: North Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: folk, psych, jazz, rock
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 1980's, Canadian Women in Song, Folk, British Columbia, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Street Strut
It's a Long Song
Song of Gnomes
Phases I
Phases II
Phases III
City Strut

Side 2

Track Name
Moods 1
Short Piece for Flute & Guitar
Valzer Variations
Tonic & Gin
Song For You
It's a Long Song (reprise)



Meyer, Marcia - Phases




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My life as a composer is about expressing myself through my music, creating an atmosphere of sound using a diversity of instruments that inspire me to compose. From my early explorations on my first album Phases in (1981), through my very popular work on Oregon Summer in (1984), and my ambient soundscapes expressed on Natural Reflections in (1989), I have challenged myself to capture a panorama of original composition. Recently I have gone on to create collaborative recordings like Beyond One (2007), an improvisational project with my friend and fellow west coast musician and songwriter Paul Marcano. I continually focus my attention on themes and melodies that I hope will kind of sneak into your consciousness and linger timelessly.

My latest compositional activities have been collaborations with the American poet, Jeff Salmon. In April 2020 our partnership produced a work entitled “That Magic Time” which was performed with a string ensemble arrangement of this work by Clyde Mitchell, Music Director of the North Shore’s Lions Gate Sinfonia. Jeff and my creative teamwork includes song creations ranging from a “jazz, ballad feel” through “moderate swing”. Back in 2009/10 I wrote the accappella vocal arrangements for the album, “Baskets of Joy” with the Grace Notes (which was nominated for a West Coast Music awards back in 2009/10.


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