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Meissner, Stan - Metropolis - The Power of the Night

Format: CD
Label: MTM Music 0681-03 (Germany)
Year: 1999
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: aor, rock
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1990's, Stan Meissner


Track Name
Wild and Blue
The Darkest Side of the Night
Never Look Back
Walk Through the Fire
Restless Moon
A Million Miles Away
Whatever It Is
The Eyes of Love
The Best Is Good Enough
Running After a Dream
The Power of the Night


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Meissner, Stan - Metropolis - The Power of the Night

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Meissner, Stan - Metropolis - The Power of the Night

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Meissner, Stan - Metropolis - The Power of the Night

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Metropolis - The Power of the Night


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Metropolis grew out of a relationship between Peter Fredette and Stan Meissner that started back in 1987 with the recording of the demo of the song 'Wild And Blue'. Meissner was looking for the right dynamic rock vocalist to sing it and when he happened to see a video for 'All We Are' by Kim Mitchell featuring Fredette, he knew he had found the voice. Over the next few years the two worked together, on and off, on a few more songs but both were involved in several seperate musical projects and couldn't get around to completing the recording of the Metropolis album. Not until Magnus Soderqvist and Mario Lehmann of MTM records, who were aware of the recordings done over the years by Meissner & Fredette encouraged them to get into the studio and complete this long awaited album.

Peter Fredette has performed and recorded 7 albums with Kim Mitchell since 1984 as a vocalist and bass player. While living in Toronto Canada with his wife and two children, he continues to record and tour with Mitchell as well as the reunion of Kim's original band Max Webster. In addtion, Fredette has toured with Tom Cochrane, Lawrance Gowan, Colin James, Butler, and Pat Travers. He is well known in the record industry as a top Canadian vocalist singing lead and backing vocals for artists such as Alannah Myles, Ian Thomas, Stan Meissner, Streetboy, and many more. Fredette also works on broadcast commercials, corporate productions and has been active in the music busness since 1970.

Stan Meissner has been a songwriter/recording artist for the last 20 years. As a recording artist, Meissner has released three albums, 'Dangerous Games', 'Windows To Light' and 'Undertow' while as a writer his songs have been recorded by Celine Dion, Eddie Money, Ricochet, Farmer's Daughter, Rita Coolidge, BJ Thomas, Alias, Triumph, Ben Orr (The Cars), Eric Clapton, Darby Mills, Lee Aaron, Carl Dixon, Toronto and Lara Fabian. In addition, Meissner has written music for several tv shows and films including Beverly Hills 90210, Hang Time, Forever Knight, Tekwar, Sweating Bullets/Tropical Heat, Little Criminals (CBC), Phenom, Tales Form The Crypt, A&E Biography, Amy Fisher-My Story, My Secret Identity, Friday the 13th Parts 7 & 8, Friday The 13th-the Series, Goulies 3, Life Goes On and Shining Time Station.

Stan Meissner: guitars, keyboards, drums
Peter Fredette: vocals, bass

Produced by Stan Meissner
Engineered by Stan Meissner
Recorded and Mixed at The Wychwood Studio
Assisted by Rags Schnauzer and Peter Fredette
Mastered by Nick Blagona at MetalWorks Mastering

Photography by Rob Weyman
Art Direction and Design by Patrick Duffy

Peter would like to thank: Barb for your endless energy, vision, love, and support. You're the best!
Lucas and Keitha for coming into this world and blessing me with you!

Stan would like to thank: David 'Quinton' Steinberg, Anne-Marie and all at Warner Chappell Canada
Fred Mollin, Eddie Schwartz, Dean McTaggart, Steve Dorff, Steve Diamond, Carl Dixon, Bruce Turgon,
Peter for the doggie treats, Rags and Nancy

Metropolis would like to thank: Magnus Soderqvist for his undying support and belief in this project,
Mario Lehmann and all at MTM records for all of your help and for putting this puppy out ,
Rags 'the fifth Beatle', Rob and Sharon for the great pix and direction,
Patrick for his images and enthusiasm, GHS strings, Vadim Rubstov Basses and Danelectro Guitars


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