London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Invisible Roots

Format: LP
Label: Scratch Records SR-10
Year: 1974
Origin: London, Ontario
Genre: jazz, experimental
Value of Original Title: $400.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rarest Canadian Music, 1970's, Ontario, Experimental & Electronic


Side 1

Track Name
Time Is Of The Essence
Edible Wallpaper
My Dog's Tail Is Longer Than Yours
Destroy The Nihilistic Picnic
Ron Martin Special With Mustard

Side 2

Track Name
Eric's Madness
Jazz Widow Waltz
Spain Is For Old Ladies
The Sound Of Next Year's Echo



London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Invisible Roots


Invisible Roots


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For as long as I have listened to music, my truly favourite records have been the ones that seem to transcend all others by allowing listens to them to become emotionally involved events. You see, many records are just really solid pieces of music, catering perfectly to one's superficial sense of musical preference - they sound good. However, there are certain records that really get under your skin, not only eliciting what may feel like profound physiological responses, but when they're played, the sheer intensity of their compositions seems to make time itself stop. They absorb you entirely, every note a fragment of sonic brilliance rushing like a raging body of water unleashed by a dam's destruction into your ears. The only real concrete thought you have, if you're capable of appreciating music on this level, is you would do just about anything for these transient few moments not to end. Though I have many records, very few of them affect me to this extent. The London Experimental Jazz Quartet's "Invisible Roots" is one record I own that accomplishes this perfectly.
-Ron Eazy


Eric Stach: soprano and alto sax, wood flute
Gerry Van de Kamp: electric bass
Gregg Dechert: piano, vocals, drums in ron martin special
Erna Van Daele: cello, flute, vibes in sound of next year's echo
Ron Martin: alto sax in ron martin special
Randy Coryell: drums, piano in ron martin special
Peter Denny: vibes, bass sax
Michael Spearman: tape op

produced by Peter Cracknell
Engineered by Nick Gurr
Album cover design and photography: Paul Chefurka


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