Lightdreams islands in space


Lightdreams - Islands in Space

Format: LP
Label: SpacesMinuOne IS 2001
Year: 1981
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: symphonic prog, krautrock
Keyword:  space
Value of Original Title: $300.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: British Columbia, 1980's, Canadian Prog Rock


Side 1

Track Name
the high frontier
islands in space
voiceless voice
I ride the wind

Side 2

Track Name
atmospheric dreams
solar winds
farewell goodbyes



Lightdreams - Islands in Space

Lightdreams islands in space

Islands in Space


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Spacey, phasey, moogy, synthy symphonic prog. Late-on-the-scene non-European Krautrock. Band dedicated to Stone Age Music with very spacey and complex electronics.

John Walker: lead guitar
Paul Marcano: bass, rhythm & backwards lead, vocals, bass keyboards
Cory Rhyon: rhythm guitar, guitar echos
Art Lowe: bass
Tim Moore: keyboards, sax
Andre Martin: keyboards on echo
Hal 9000: solar winds



NEWS UPDATE: There has been a Vinyl Re-issue of Islands in Space for 2016 available at more information about LightDreams' other releases can be found at