Marlo lutia front


Lauzon, Marlo & Lutia - ST

Format: LP
Label: Marlutia Music (no number)
Year: 1975
Origin: Port Clements, British Columbia
Genre: folk
Keyword:  Norman Bethune
Value of Original Title: $500.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Rarest Canadian Music, Famous Canadians, Vancouver Island Collection, Primitive Cover Artwork, Folk, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Ticky Tock
Sweet Summer Day
Bird Woman of Bath
Café Symphony
The Undertaker's Ball

Side 2

Track Name
O Come
Doctor Norman Bethune
Bird She Fly Low



Marlo Lutia 1984 handbill foldout from New Brunswick


Marlo Lutia 1984 handbill from New Brunswick


Marlo & Lutia Lauzon - ST


Marlo & Lutia Lauzon - ST

Marlo   lutia lauzon st blue cover label 01

Marlo & Lutia Lauzon-ST BLUE COVER LABEL 01

Marlo   lutia lauzon st blue cover label 02

Marlo & Lutia Lauzon-ST BLUE COVER LABEL 02

Marlo lutia front



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Now this extremely scarce album is available for streaming only on Enjoy!

Marlo Lutia Lauzon were the folk duo of Paul Lauzon and Lutia Lauzon who together recorded 2 lp's and a few 45's.

This incredibly rare album of honest folk music was their first and is amongst the finest Canadian hippie folk albums in existence. The cover is hand drawn with a black felt penn, so each of the 100 copies is unique (some used blue felt pen). The record was recorded in Skidegate, British Columbia which is on the Queen Charlotte Islands and was pressed at Rada Records in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The album was dedicated to Marie Marquart who died on January 19, 1975. The album was recorded later that year on Marlutiamusic with no label number. It came with a single light cardboard insert which has all of the lyrics.

One of the tracks is a beautiful tribute to Doctor Norman Bethune. Norman Bethune was a Canadian communist doctor (member of the Canadian Communist Party of Canada) who, while in China and Spain invented the first mobile blood transfusion unit as well as the first mobile medical unit and other surgical instruments. He dedicated his life by giving medical care to the disadvantaged and is a Canadian hero.

Lutia Lauzon's impressive resume includes ten years of classical musical training with Phillip Lillistol of Minneapolis; one year of dance training with Synergy Studios of Vancouver; six months of mime training with the Canadian Mime Theatre of Niagara-on-the-Lake; one year of voice training with Charles Underwood of Halifax; two years of writing/composing/performing with Theatre New Brunswick; five years of concert stage performance with largalon Productions of New Brunswick; and a degree in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley.

Lutia says of her work: "I seek out that moment which gives us a clear glance at life".

-Robert Williston


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