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Hennig, Jack & the Breaking Point Group - Maybe Tomorrow b/w Busy People

Format: 45
Label: Cupid Records CR-2
Year: 1967
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta
Genre: psych, garage
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: The Garage, 1960's, Alberta


Track Name
Maybe Tomorrow
Busy People


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"Extremely rare canadian garage punk / psych 1960's 45, small local release only. They were a Canadian group from Alberta - possible 1967 release. "Maybe Tomorrow" is garage sounding, "Busy People" more psychedelic / psych. Jack Hennig would later go on to release some pop/country records in the 1970's.

Jack Hennig was one of the more prominent country singers living in Edmonton, Alberta in the 70s. However, unknown to almost everyone, he cut two singles with The Breaking Point Group sometime in the mid-to-late 60s. The Busy People b/w Maybe Tomorrow single is the second and last recording he did with the Breaking Point Group and is an excellent foray into the psychedelic pop sounds burgeoning at the time.

It's not a heavy garage punker so I don't think it ever achieved the grail status that some other Albertan 45s have over the years (King Beezz, The Media, Adanac Reply). Nevertheless, Busy People is a great example of pop-psych moves with syrupy, drug-induced vocals with psychedelic lyrics, dreamy organ, and a sitar-sounding guitar effect. Maybe Tomorrow seems to meander in garage-pop territory and has a great fuzz solo. In my opinion an excellent double sider.

Looking at the catalog numbers you'll see CR-2. CR-1 was not discovered until three weeks ago when my friend found it and I found another during the same trip to Calgary. I'll review the first single when I make some sound clips. Unfortunately more of a blue-eyed soul affair, with some psychedelic tinges. Mary Saxton sang back-up vocals on that record."


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