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Heatherington, Dianne - Heatherington Rocks

Format: LP
Label: Columbia PEC 80046
Year: 1980
Origin: Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://www.manitobamusicmuseum.com/dianneheatherington.htm
Playlist: Rock Room, 1980's, Manitoba


Side 1

Track Name
Helter Skelter (Beatles)
Mr. Nice Guy
In the Heat of the Night
Don't Lie to Me

Side 2

Track Name
Hot Rush
He's a Rebel
Rock N' Roll Gypsies
Mama Just Want To
Barrelhouse All Night Long (Bruce Cockburn)


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Heatherington, Dianne - Heatherington Rocks

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Heatherington, Dianne - Heatherington Rocks

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Heatherington, Dianne - Heatherington Rocks

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Heatherington Rocks


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Dianne Heatherington was born in Fort Rouge and was Winnipeg's first lady of rock and roll. Dianne Heatherington began her career in her teens with such groups as 'Interfaith Harmony Theatre', 'The Starlight Combo', 'The Electric Banana', and 'The Merry-Go-Round and Sunny Lemmatin', which produced the music for the Manitoba Theatre Production of Godspell. She was also the lead singer for Dianne Heatherington and the Merry-Go Round, which featured Bill Wallace (Guess Who), Greg Leskiw (Guess Who, Mood Jga Jga), Herman Fruhm (Mood Jga Jga), Duncan Wilson, and Vance Masters. In 1970, Dianne Heatherington and the Merry-Go Round played the Man-Pop Festival (along with Led Zeppelin). In 1971, they played on a coast-to-coast musical variety show on CBC.

Dianne Heatherington and the Merry Go Round headed to Los Angeles and laid down half a dozen tracks or so, but the tracks went unreleased. Dianne Heatherington's first recordings were in 1975 on the CBC Radio Canada compilation LM 421, which were very limited pressings that were sent to CBC Radio stations across Canada. The band featured Mark Freed on guitar; Ed Philp on alto sax; and Don Thompson on vibes. The four tracks, all written by Winnipeg musicians are: Queen Jealousy (Greg Leskiw)/ Check It Out (D. Carbert)/ Lovin' You's So Easy (Mark Freed, Dianne Heatherington)/ My Old Man (D. Carbert, Bill Merritt)

'Heatherington Rocks' was originally recorded in 1978 for GRT Records, but GRT went tits up and the band signed with Columbia and released the album on Epic PEC 80046 in 1980.

-Robert Williston


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