Cd hagood hardy   the homecoming front


Hardy, Hagood - The Homecoming

Format: LP
Label: Attic LAT-1003, Canadian Talent Library 5191
Year: 1975
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: jazz, classical, easy listening
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Jazz, Canadian Talent Library


Side 1

Track Name
The Homecoming
I Won't Last a Day without You
My Elusive Dreams
Jennifer's Song
You and Me Against the World
Travellin' On

Side 2

Track Name
Cold on the Shoulder
The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye


Cd hagood hardy   the homecoming front

The Homecoming


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Hagood Hardy brings together a variety of jazz and mellow rock influences here in Homecoming, accompanied by a superb group of musicians from many backgrounds. Charming and reflective, the music, mostly composed and arranged by Hardy, paints a picture of dreams, romance, adventure, and the core of the human spirit. Transcending the time period of the '70s, Hardy finds success creating music that conveys powers that are soothing, as well as sassy, not to mention sexy at times. Engaging the listener winding down after a busy work day is a feat accomplished, through tunes that are dreamy and ethereal, and compositions enriching, yet subtle and simple. "Jennifer's Song" plays the winner of the record's romance ballad. "Balloons" helps one in their desire to reach and float high into the sky. "Clouds" combines textures and soundscapes eclectic enough to push the audience to dreams come true. Hardy's original, "Wintertime," takes sole place as a song featuring delightful vocal harmonies. With the touch of Hardy's style, Gordon Lightfoot's tune, "Cold on the Shoulder," brings much needed mystery and haunting jazz flavor to the record's personality. A lushly polished recording for Capitol records, engineered by David Greene and self-produced by Hagood Hardy with the assistance of Don Thompson, Homecoming finds its true value as a sincere way for delivering a seventies flavor with a cool jazz approach.
-Shawn M. Haney, Allmusic

Hagood Hardy: arrangements, conductor (tracks A1, A4, A6, B1, B4, B5)
Jim Pirie: arrangements, conductor (tracks A2, A3, A5, B2)
Micky Erbe: arrangements, conductor (tracks B3)
Rick Wilkins: arrangements, conductor (tracks B6)

The Players Adele Armin, Albert Pratz, Andy Benac, Bernie Piltch, Berul Sugarman, Bill Richards, Brian Leonard, Chris Dedrick, Corol McCartney, Dave Lewis, Don Parrish, Don Thompson, Ed Bickert, Erica Goodman, Eugene Amaro, Frank Fusco, Fred Rizner, Gary Williamson, Hagood Hardy, Jim Pirie, Josef Sera, Laurie Bower, Leonard Solomon, Mel Berman, Moe Koffman, Morry Kernerman, Paul Armin, Pearl Palmason, Peter Schenkman, Richard Armin, Dick Berg, Rick Homme, Ron Hughes, Ron Laurie, Sam Hersenhoren, Sandy Watts, Stanley Kolt, Stanley Solomon, Stephanie Chomyk, Teddy Roderman, Vern Kennedy, Vicki Richards, Walter Babiak

Produced by Hagood Hardy (tracks: A2-B6); and Peter Anastasoff (track A1)
Engineer and mixed by Dave Greene, assisted by Sy Potma
Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto, Ontario
Mastered at RCA Studios, Toronto, Ontario

Cover by Rene Stubbs
Executive-Producer: Mal Thompson

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