Hanson brothers   it's a living


Hanson Brothers - It's a Living

Format: 2LP
Label: Wrong WRONG36LP
Year: 2008
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: punk, rock
Keyword:  Hockey
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Total Goombah
Duke It Out
Give Me Anything
Third Man In
Everything I Wanted
No Emotion
Four Heads One Brain

Side 2

Track Name
Stick Boy
No More Headcheese
Road Pizza
We're Brewing
My Game
100 and 10%

Side 3

Track Name
Cabbage In a Bag
Tommy #3
Danielle (She Don't Care About Hockey)
We're Bad

Side 4

Track Name
Joey Had To Go
The Hockey Song
Let's Go Out Tonight
Sudden Death


Hanson brothers   it's a living

It's a Living


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Erupting from the bowels of the Canadian hockey underbelly, the Hanson Brothers re-emerged in 2008 with a live record called It's a Living, reprising their roles as the smelly rock'n'roll savants. The album was obstensibly recorded in the unlikely location of Coaldale, Alberta, in 2006. Much like the Ramones' infamous live album It's Alive, it's entirely possible portions were overdubbed from Robbie Hanson's bedroom, but that's just an unconfirmed rumor for the time being..

Although the Hanson Brothers have but three mere studio albums in their decade and a half (plus 10%) existence, they have more than enough material to pack in a solid setlist. The band are veteran performers who have made the stage the best spot to enjoy the Hanson Brothers. Aside from the high octane music, the banter, wit and antics of the various Brothers makes for a great night out. The jibber-jabber between Johnny and Tommy Hanson is hilarious. It should be noted that Tommy Hanson's stream of consciousness observations and commentary are never the same from night to night, although it's been noted Johnny Hanson seems to stick to a basic script. In fact, this album splices in excerpts from a CBC interview featuring Tommy Hanson that makes the purchase entirely worthwhile. You will finally have the definitive answer as to the difference between the Hanson Brothers and the pop band Hanson..

Some live albums are strictly filler to pad out contractual obligations, but considering the Hanson Brothers are independent from any such thing, this record's agenda was strictly to have an excuse to go out on tour. Thanks to the bonus DVD of Johnny Hanson's Brewing Video and the various Tommy Hanson rantings, It's a Living is a very worthwhile inclusion in the band's discography..
-John Chedsey


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