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Hammersmith - ST

Format: LP
Label: Mercury SRM 1-1040
Year: 1975
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: hard rock
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Alberta


Side 1

Track Name
Late Night Lovin' Man
I've Got a Right to Know
Money Rock
Breakin' Down

Side 2

Track Name
Feelin' Better
Nobody Really Knows Why the Sun Goes Down
Low Ridin' Ladies
Funky as She Goes
Open Up the Sky


Hammersmith   back

Hammersmith - ST

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Hammersmith - ST

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Hammersmith - ST

R 5815979 1486763709 1962



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Following the evolution of Calgary band Shades Of Blond into 49th Parallel and then, again, into Painter, a number of line-up changes and an aborted album on Randy Bachman's Molten Records led members Dorn Beattie and Dan Lowe to reform the act as Hammersmith. With uber-manager Bruce Allen managing them, he took the group to the home of his other hard-rock success story, BTO, at Mercury Records. 'Hammersmith' was their debut in 1974 and was produced by Dan Lowe. The album spawned two singles - "Late Night Lovin' Man" and "Funky As She Goes" - allowing the band to tour Canada. 'It's For You' was their 1976 follow-up and included a line-up change with Blair & Buckner replacing Boyne & Llewellyn. The album produced one single, "Dancin' Fools", and the band returned to touring. The album sold moderately. Mercury dropped the band in early 1977. Beattie quit to join All The Rage In Paris and in recent years, has become a succesful country singer. Hammersmith stayed together until the end of 1977 at which time Lowe and Morice formed a new act called 451 Degrees who put out an eponymous LP on Intercan/Pickwick in 1980. Those claiming to have been members of Hammersmith from 1976 to 1977 include Mike Reno (nee Rynoski) prior to his joining Moxy, Jim Clench, Hal Whitford, Brian Ojay, Randy McCann, Bobby Vice, Al Gibson, and Bill Kempster.


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