Furnaceface this will make you happy

Furnaceface - This Will Make You Happy

Format: CD
Label: One Handed Records OHCD 013
Year: 1994
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: rock
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1990's


Track Name
Get Myself Together
The Ballad of Richard Iommi
If You Love Her (Would You Buy Her A Gun)
Nice Suit...Asshole!
Credit Card
Excuse Me
Mall Culture Superstar
2 Punks, a Dad, and a Snowboard
I Drew a Circle
You Poison My Cup
Can't Get to Sleep
Beg Your Pardon
How Happy Do You Want to Be?


Furnaceface this will make you happy

This Will Make You Happy


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LINE-UP: BADMINISTER--Guitars, yelling and stuff; DAVE DEADLY--Drums and stuff; SMARTY MOANS--Samples, guitars and stuff; MISTER POOPYHEAD--Bass, whining and stuff; GUESTS: LEE AARON--Spoken word ("The Ballad of Richard Iommi"); THE PARANOID SINGERS: TERI LORETTO, TIM DeVRIES, GREGG DAHL and ALEX "JAZZ MAN" MORTIMER--Backing vocals ("The Ballad of Richard Iommi"); MR. CRYSTALS--So bad it's good guitar solo ("Nice Suit...Asshole!"); DR. IAN TAMBLYN-- Acoustic guitar ("You Poison My Cup"); THE INDUSTRIAL GUY--Sound bite direction; ROB, STEF and ROB'S DAD--Real life drama ("2 Punks, a Dad, and a Snowboard.")

1. instructions (0:39); 2. live+die (2:25); 3. get myself together (2:40); 4. the ballad of richard iommi (3:54); 5. if you love her (would you buy her a gun?) (4:43); 6. nice suit...asshole! (5:16); 7. credit card (5:05); 8. excuse me (2:41); 9. mall culture superstar (3:15); 10. 2 punks, a dad and a snowboard. (0:51); 11. i drew a circle (5:22); 12. you poison my cup (4:17); 13. can't get to sleep (5:00); 14. filler (3:07); 15. beg your pardon (Crass/New music by FF) (3:22); 16. how happy do you want to be? (5:00)

"get myself together" and "beg your pardon" are different recordings than the ones on Plug! and the "Nobody to Vote For" CD single. Out of print, but re-release on Upright is planned.


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