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FM - Direct to Disc

Format: LP
Label: Labyrinth LBR-1001
Year: 1978
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: space rock, prog, jazz, fusion
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room


Side 1

Track Name
Headroom: Tyra - Reflections I - Reflections II - Real Time - Scarberia

Side 2

Track Name
Border Crossing: 1st Movement - 2nd Movement - 3rd Movement - 4th Movement - 5th Movement


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FM - Direct to Disc (2)

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FM - Direct to Disc (1)

R 782066 1302720658

Direct to Disc


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Cameron Hawkins: Mini Moog synthesizer with Polyfusion Sequencer 2040, Micro Moog synthesizer with Polyfusion Sequencer AS-1,Micro Moog synthesizer with Percussion Controller, Elka String Synthensizer with bass petals, Elko Bass Pedals, Rickenbacker bass guitar, Maestro Brassmaster fuzz, Mu-tron 111 and vocals
Ben Mink: 5 string electric violin, 5 string solid body electric mandolin
Martin Deller: Fibes Drum Kit, Congas, Bells and miscellaneous percussion, moog percussion controller, ARP 2600 & ARP 2500 synthesizers

Produced by Paul A. Gross
Engineered by Alan Thorne (side 1); Mark Wright (side 2); assisted by Jeff Stobbs and Mick Walsh
Direct-to-disc recording and mastering done at Phase One Recording Studios Ltd. / The Lacquer Channel Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Photography by Paul Till and Carol Sherman


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