45 5 man cargo memories %28cleaner copy%29


Five Man Cargo - Memories b/w Why Can't I Get You

Format: 45
Label: Rumble Records R 2360
Year: 1969
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: psych, mod, garage, rock
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rarest Canadian Music, Psych, 1960's, British Columbia


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Why Can't I Get You



Five Man Cargo - Memories b/w Why Can't I Get You

45 5 man cargo memories %28cleaner copy%29

Memories b/w Why Can't I Get You


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The band performed at The Breakers, The Reef, The Body Shop, Garry’s Place and various places I do not care to remember. We toured with Brave Belt / BTO and at the time was also manages by Bruce Allan. We did however spent a year in the basement on the Turkey farm we rented on 152nd and Fraser Highway, Surrey, and recorded enough material for an album which was never released. I replaced Dave Johnson who had joined Cross Town Bus who I also played with for a short stint. I later returned the favour to David and offered him my gig with Garry Stephens who he stayed with for 4 years playing a house gig at Puchini’s on Main Street. Later on that same band became the All Foreman Band.
-Nick Dokter, September 2008

Orly Anderson: bass, vocals
Warren Cann: drums
Bob Douglas: bass, vocals
Sid Fattedad: drums
Dave Jonsson: drums
Roy Kessler: bass
Gerald Laishley: lead vocals
Lance Massey: lead guitar
Danny Piry: rhythm guitar, vocals
Jay Reyburn: rhythm guitar, vocals
John Telling: lead guitar, vocals

1971 - 1973 Reformed Group

Wayner Boychuck: bass
Terry Hanson: guitar, Vocals
Nick Dokter: drums
Gerald Laishley: guitar, vocals
Rob Turner: keyboards, vocals


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