Feist monarch


Feist - Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head)

Format: CD
Label: Bobby Dazzler BODA 004
Year: 1999
Origin: Amherst, Nova Scotia - Calgary, Alberta
Genre: indie rock, folk, bossa nova, jazz-pop
Value of Original Title: $400.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Alberta, 1990's, Pop, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Track Name
Cool to Love Your Family
La Sirena
One Year a.d.
That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean
Flight #303
Still True
The Mast
New Torch



Feist - Monarch


Feist - Monarch


Feist - Monarch

Feist monarch

Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head)


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In 1991, Leslie Feist formed the Calgary punk band "Placebo". After that, she played bass for Noah's Arkweld, then rhythm guitar for the band By Divine Right. In 1999, Feist provided vocals for Peaches' (Merrill Nisker's) album "The Teaches of Peaches". Later that year, Leslie Feist released her first and astoundingly rare CD. The album is a phenomenal listen and represents some of her best work to date. Sold only at concerts, this album will never be re-issued. Thus, it's value has skyrocketed of late, now fetching as much as $400.00 and is one of the most valuable CD's ever recorded by a Canadian.

Leslie Feist: vocals and guitars
Dan Kurtz: bass
Josh Hicks: drums
Jamie Shields: keyboards
Martin Tielli: chain smoking in tiny bedroom
Simon Craig: like a metronome on "That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean"
Gonzales: melodica on "Still True"
Daniel Stone: percussion here
Jurij Konje: percussion there

String Quartet:
written and arranged by Daddy Szigeti
Sandy Baron: violin
Akiko Kojima: violin
Pam Bettger: viola
Alex Mac Master: cello

All songs by Leslie Feist except "New Torch" by J. Beck.
Produced and recorded by Dan Kurtz (Dragonette) in Toronto, Ontario
Mixed by Glen Marshall and Dan Jurtz at Catharine North Recording House
Mastered by Noah Mintz (hHead) at Grandmasters
Photo by Yael Staav
Design by Helios


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