Falcon   walk into the mirror sealed front


Falcon - Walk Into the Mirror

Format: LP
Label: Rescue Records RRA 1020
Year: 1980
Origin: Woodstock, Ontario - Nanaimo, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock hard
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://glenfoster.ca/albums
Playlist: Rock Room, Vancouver Island Collection, 1980's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Let's Go Out Tonight
Dance, Dance, Dance
Me & Maggy

Side 2

Track Name
Los Alvarez
Take Him in Time
Thinking About You
Walk Into the Mirror


Falcon   walk into the mirror sealed back

Falcon - Walk Into the Mirror SEALED BACK

Falcon   walk into the mirror sealed front

Walk Into the Mirror


No Video


Glen Foster
Al Cochrane
Alex McDougal
Bill Cymbala
Bill Dillon
Blair Irvine
Bob Doidge
Bob Lamanes
Dee Higgins
Ed Roth
Jack Pedler
Jacques Harrison
Jeff Brown
John Willet
Kevin O'Donnell
Marty Hall
Rita Chiarelli
Sonny Grasley
Terry Bramhall

Produced by Glen Foster
Engineered by Cam Hind, Dan Lanois, Jerry Lesser, and Rick Lightheart

GLEN FOSTER (aka The FALCON) was born in Woodstock Ontario. Studied Hawaiian Guitar at Royal Conservatory of music, and learned piano by self-taught. Lived in Hamilton, Ont. until 1981 and graduated from Mohawk College. Played with Ray Materick on and off for several years, starting in 1972. Played on WEA albums 'Best Friend Overnight' and 'Fever In Rio'. Formed the band 'FALCON' playing shows around southern Ontario. Won a talent contest on CKOC 1150 Radio in August 1978 with the song 'Los Angeles'. The Album 'Walk Into The Mirror' by FALCON was released in 1980, and two 45 singles around the same time.

Did many solo gigs as The Falcon/Glen Foster. GLEN moved to the west coast in 1981 living in Nanaimo, BC. Worked at Ferguson's Music store for 10yr, selling, teaching guitar lessons and repairing musical instruments. Studied Classical Guitar and earned two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Studied Jazz Guitar under Colin McQuarrie, Chet Atkins guitar under Ray Campbell. Formed the local band 'FALCON' with Rod Quartly(Bass) and Al Rodrigue(drums) working steadily.

FALCON released a 45 single 'Always Rock n Roll' / 'Looks Like I'm Leavin'. Released 'The FALCON' album collection of songs from Hamilton & Nanaimo. Released 45 single 'The Spirit of Christmas' and 'The Twelve Guitars of Christmas' Nov1/92. Also, video of 'The Twelve Guitars'. Released 'INVITATION' album of original Christian music in 2004 featuring musicians from Christ Community Church. June 2008 release of The FALCON/WALK INTO THE MIRROR compilation CD of previously released recordings on Rescue Records. 2009 newly formed GLEN FOSTER GROUP is an acoustic folk/rock trio playing original music and some tributes. New CD was anticipated for summer of 2009.


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