Evaporators   i gotta rash front

Evaporators - I Gotta Rash 12” (split with Thee Goblins)

Format: 12"
Label: Cleo 10, Mint MRL-030
Year: 1998
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: 12"
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Track Name
I Gotta Rash
Woof Woof, I'm a Goof
I'm Your Buddy
Mercury Outboards Have Plastic Propellers
Aside from this, is there anything else?
Nardwuar vs. Jean Chretien
Suharto Stomp
Hump the Dog
Oh Happy Day


Evaporators   i gotta rash back

Evaporators - I Gotta Rash BACK

Evaporators   i gotta rash front

I Gotta Rash 12” (split with Thee Goblins)


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Yeah, you read that right. A special joint-release with Nardwuar Records! Self-described as "Nashville Pussy meets Hanson with no draw," The Evaporators have been a band for an insane twenty one years (!!!), since lead screamer/organist Nardwuar The Human Serviette and drummer Scott Livingstone decided to form a band while doing pushups in gym class at Hillside Secondary in 1986.

This split-album, the follow-up to The Evaporators' demented debut LP United Empire Loyalists, showcases nineteen songs in total, split up between The Evaporators, Thee Goblins, and Thee Goblins' alter-alter egos, Thee Ska-blins (I don't know - don't ask). Also included is a a wild full colour cover, a mass of liner notes and two audio interview snippets featuring Nardwuar going head to head with Canadian Prime Minister Jean "Pepper" Chretien and Iggy "I co-wrote 'China Girl' With David Bowie" Pop.


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