Carolina edwards rainbow reign

Edwards, Carolina - Rainbow Reign

Format: LP
Label: Great Northern GN 2000
Year: 1979
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: folk, pop
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Nova Scotia, Pop


Side 1

Track Name
Nova Scotia
Good News
White Sails
Rainbow Reign

Side 2

Track Name
I'm So Glad to See You
Silent Shepherd
Didn't You Know



Carolina Edwards - Rainbow Reign

Carolina edwards rainbow reign

Rainbow Reign



Carolina Edwards was married to Jonathan Edwards, an American draft dodger / singer, best known for the song about his wife entitled "Carolina, Caroline". Carolina and Jonathan spent time in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Besides the popular "Nova Scotia", she also co-wrote the lyrics to Johnny Cash's song "Girl from the Canyon". Rainbow Reign was produced by Jonathan Edwards. Carolina is now known as Serah. Serah donates all proceeds of her music to the WORLD FAMILY FOUNDATION. World Family Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation that gives to various environmental and humanitarian causes. Music heals!

How often does music make you stop in mid-motion, catch your breath and become perfectly still so that you don’t miss a note, not a word, an inflection? It’s about to happen right now...Serah
-Robert Williston


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