Durango 95 lose control front


Durango 95 - Lose Control

Format: LP
Label: Star Records SR 003
Year: 1984
Origin: Oshawa, Ontario
Genre: rock, garage
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Don't Look At Me
I Don't Need It
Goodbye Girl
Close My Eyes
Kottage Kountry Killer

Side 2

Track Name
Lose Control
Forget About Me
What Should I Do?
Sandra Sez


Durango 95 lose control back

Durango 95-Lose Control BACK

Durango 95 lose control insert side 01

Durango 95-Lose Control INSERT SIDE 01

Durango 95 lose control insert side 02

Durango 95-Lose Control INSERT SIDE 02

Durango 95 lose control label 01

Durango 95-Lose Control LABEL 01

Durango 95 lose control label 02

Durango 95-Lose Control LABEL 02

Durango 95 lose control front

Lose Control


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Greg Weir: vocals
Rob Sweeney: guitar
Paul MacNeil: guitar
Roger Branton: bass
Darren Smith: drums

Named after a segment from Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of 'A Clockwork Orange', this post-punk rockabilly outfit was formed in Oshawa in 1981.

They played their first gig that fall at the now legendary Drake Hotel on the Queen Street Circuit (though the club was on King Street) in Toronto. Their first LP, 'Lose Control', was released on Star Records in 1983 and the band managed to build a sizeable following across southern Ontario playing to enthusiastic audiences in Hamilton and London where they opened for England's 999.

The band was unable to crack the ever competitive Toronto club scene and eventually fell apart in the mid-80's.

Three members would later re-emerge on Star Records as The Purple Toads and it too self-destructed in the late '80's. Branton and Sweeney would then move onto the Dominators; Weir became a subway busker which led to a short lived success as a member of Pieces Of Train; Darren Smith joined Harry Hess in Ajax, Ontario metal band Blind Vengeance who would later mutate into Warner Music recording act Harem Scarem.

In late 1990 Star Records dug out a live-off-the-floor tape recorded on Mother's Day in 1984 and released it as a post-humous second album.


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