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Duncans - Gonna Stay in Love

Format: LP
Label: RCA KKL1-0444
Year: 1982
Origin: Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: soul, funk, disco
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian as Funk, Ontario, Beautiful Black Canadians, 1980's, Canadian Women in Song


Side 1

Track Name
Gonna Stay in Love
Let Me Be
Take the Heat

Side 2

Track Name
Too Damn Hot
If This Ain't Love
Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees
Lovin' You Baby
You Give Me Such a Feeling


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Duncans / Gonna Stay in Love

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Duncans / Gonna Stay in Love

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Duncans / Gonna Stay in Love

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Gonna Stay in Love


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Helen Duncan: vocals
Phyllis Duncan: vocals

Arranged and conducted by Pete Pedersen
Orchestration by Pete Pedersen
Rhythm Section:
Alphonso Carey
Jimmie Lee
Nathaniel Wilkie
Rodger Lee
Tom Polite

Produced by Ian Guenther & Willi Morrison for Three Hats Productions Inc.
Engineered by George Semkiw
Recorded at Amber Studios, Toronto, Ontario
Mastered by Stew Romain
Photography by Dee Lippingwell


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