Dionysos - Le Grand Jeu

Format: LP
Label: Jupiter YDS 8032
Year: 1970
Origin: Valleyfield, Québec
Genre: rock, prog
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 1970's, Quebec, Prog Rock, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
La Colere

Side 2

Track Name
L’age du Chlore
L’age d’or
Agneau de Dieu



Le Grand Jeu


No Video


Dionysos is a french canadian rock/blues psych prog band from the province of Québec. This is the first album. Phil Bech, Eric Clement, Fern Durand, Bob LePage, Paul-Andre Thibert. Montreal's Dionysos was considered the first Québec act to sing in both official languages. They played the Montreal-Sept Illes-Chibogamu circuit and branched out to the eastern seaboard with regular stops in Toronto and New York. 1969 saw the release of their debut, 'Le Grand Tour', on Jupiter Records and its 1971 follow-up, 'Le Prince Croule', on Zodiaque. They would also write the score to Sam Sheppard's play 'The Tooth Of Crime' in 1974 and adapted parts of the script into half a dozen of their future compositions. The band stopped working in 1974 and resumed with another album, their self-titled debut on Deram Records in the Fall of 1975. They lasted until 1978 at which time they broke up. Thibert went on to a solo career with an album on Solo Records called 'Musique de Amis Dionysos'.


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