Dillinger don't lie to the band front


Dillinger - Don’t Lie to the Band

Format: LP
Label: Daffodil SBA 9216-10055
Year: 1976
Origin: Hamilton, Ontario
Genre: rock, prog
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Prog Rock


Side 1

Track Name
Two Time Love
It's Not All Mine
Munchkin Men

Side 2

Track Name
You Lied
Robot Race
Coming Home



Dillinger - Don’t Lie to the Band

Dillinger don't lie to the band front

Don’t Lie to the Band


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Don't Lie To The Band" is the second album by the Toronto based band, Dillinger. Originally released on the Daffodil Records label in 1976, two years after the band's debut, this album sees the band starting to pursue a hard rock direction on some songs rather than keeping with the progressive style of the previous effort. There are still some bright moments on this album that includes the songs, "It's Not All Mine," a radio friendly cover of a Spooky Tooth tune from the Mirror album, Munchkin Men, a superb psychedelic tinged progressive opus, the frantic Robot Race and the emotional ballad Coming Home. Don't Lie To The Band was to be the last release by Dillinger before founding members Paul Cockburn and Jacques Harrison split to form the hard rock band "The Hunt".

Jacques Harrison: mellotron, mini moog, piano, organ, flute, tenor/ alto sax, harpsichord, accordion, vocals
Bob Harrison: percussion, vocals
Paul Cockburn: guitars, vocals
Terry Bramhall: bass, accordian, vocals


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