Destroyer thief


Destroyer - Thief

Format: LP
Label: Rex 003, Triple Crown Audio TCR 003, Catsup Plate CPR 708
Year: 1999
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Rock Room, 1990's, British Columbia, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Destroyer's The Temple
To the Heart of the Sun On the Back of the Vulture, I'll Go
The Way of Perpetual Roads
Canadian Lover - Falcon's Escape
City of Daughters
Every Christmas

Side 2

Track Name
Mercy (We Had the Right)
Queen of Languages
In Dreams
Death On the Festival Circuit



Destroyer - Thief

Destroyer thief



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Vancouverite Daniel Bejar, the man behind the mighty Destroyer, makes music that simply must be heard. Thief, Bejar’s third album as Destroyer, finds his songwriting and delivery at its peak. Almost every composition has the air of a timeless classic. Stunningly gorgeous melodies soar within the simply crafted arrangements, as the tracks reveal a heart-wrenching delivery and soul-searching directness. Bejar is a folk troubadour and modern-day poet perhaps comparable to Dylan in his unique skills as both a tunesmith and lyricist. In fact, Destroyer songs are jam-packed with imagery, cramming more thoughts in a single musical phrase than might seem appropriate. The ideas, however, manage to roll off Bejar’s tongue with rhythm and insight. His biting socio-political commentary sets him apart from soft pop merchants like Belle and Sebastian, while creating music far superior in its sheer beauty. Bejar’s band provide the perfect accompaniment. Jason Zumpano’s keyboard work is particularly exquisite and at times brings to mind the arrangements of his band, Zumpano. While pop signifiers from the hippie ’60s, glam ’70s, new wave ’80s and deconstructionist ’90s all rear their head, the tradition Bejar carries on is simply that of true inspiration. By far one of the best albums, Canadian or otherwise, I’ve heard in ages. Thief is a treasure waiting to be discovered.
-Ian Danzig

Daniel Bejar: voices, nylon, telecaster and some fuzz
John Collins: The Bass Guitar
Scott Morgan: drums, organ on I.H.O.J., all of M.E.R.C.I.
Stephen Wood: Epiphone, E-bow, Delays and Phases, all of I.H.O.J.
Jason Zumpano: piano, Keyboards, Proteus

Design: Lester Smolenski at Users Group Design
Producer: John Colins at JC/DC July 31 - Sept. 4


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