Darned - Hoarse Opera

Format: LP
Label: Lumpin Records LUMP 1
Year: 1987
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: rock, country
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Quebec, Country & Western, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Pilgrim Found
Got to Burn
Oklahoma on a Bus
Redneck Romeo
Johnny's Departures
Cigarette Jeans

Side 2

Track Name
Miramichi Sunset
Dumbshit Love
Bobby Lee's Camaro
Tired of Being an Artist
Dreamless Sleep
Stop All the Noise



Darned - Hoarse Opera


Hoarse Opera


No Video


Before bands like Fucked Up and Holy Fuck, bands like 'The Darned' chose a more modest approach. Highlights of the alt country band's carrer was opening twice for kd lang and once for Midnight Oil, both at the Spectrum. If you need some profanity mixed in with a little humour in your day, listen to 'Dumbshit Love'.

Steve Burliuk went onto play with 'The Scraps', 'Good Cookies', Colossal Egos', F'idget', 'Chino'. He notes "A sweet sixteen birthday present had me hooked on guitar from the get go. Before long, I had friends over "jammin" in my mother's sewing room. We cut our teeth on Neil Young, the Sex Pistols and the Who. By the early 80s, I finally got up the nerve and placed an ad in one of the local rags: "Guitarist wants to form a new wave band." This, ironically, led to playing in a country rock band and a love for American roots music."

Donna Lee Marsh: vocals
Steve Burliuk: guitars and vocals
Frank Criniti: bass
Rob Forbes: drums and vocals

Mike Pasternak: bass on 'Bobby Lee's Camaro and 'Dreamless Sleep'
Richard Brennan: bass on 'Redneck Romeo', Dumbshit Love, 'Tired of Being an Artist' and 'Got to Burn'
Leo J. Nikfiz: fiddle on 'Tired of Being an Artist'

Morris Apelbaum: sound guy, producer
Cover photos: Lois Siegel and Daniel Villeneuve
Barry Tremaine: Design guy


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