Trevor dandy don't cry little tree front


Dandy, Trevor - Don't Cry Little Tree

Format: LP
Label: ZAZA Sound Productions ST-57207-57208
Year: 1970
Origin: Jamaica - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: funk, gospel, soul
Value of Original Title: $1,000.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Overture and Judgement Morning
Judgement Morning
When I Prayed Last Night

Side 2

Track Name
Don’t Cry Little Tree
Is There Any Love?
Lord I Come to Thee
Have You Ever Wondered?
It's a Long Journey



Trevor Dandy - Don't Cry Little Tree


Trevor Dandy - Don't Cry Little Tree


Trevor Dandy - Don't Cry Little Tree

Trevor dandy don't cry little tree front

Don't Cry Little Tree


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Information/Write-up presents the holy grail of Canadian Jesus Funk available to be heard in it's entirety for the first time on the internet.

Trevor Dandy created a gentle album full of consoling tunes, that attest his trustful relationship to God. Just as you might know it from Cat Stevens “Morning has broken”, just a bit soulier – although this association might be caused by the insistent use of piano on this record. Once you heared this songs, it will be hard to deny Trevor's Gospel roots, which musically surface steadily and are underlined by the religious lyrics. "Don't Cry Little Tree" was the first production of the famous Canadian producer Paul Zaza, who sais about this ultra-rare pearl of Funky Gospel Music: "This album was done with no budget and very little equipment. Basically, Trevor Dandy was a Gospel singer in a church group. He wanted to record an album to sell at various church gatherings. I was impressed with his lyrics and unique voice so I agreed to produce the record in the basement of my father's house (where I was still living). The album was put together on a “shoe-string” budget and 1,000 copies were pressed on vinyl. Most were never sold and thrown out. I'm happy that now, almost 50 years later, there appears to be an audience for him."
-Paul ZaZa

Trevor Dandy was originally from Jamaica, but like so many other Jamaicans, he emmigrated to Toronto in the 1960's. Is There Any Love is a jazz soul monster and is one of the finest funk gospel tunes ever recorded by a Canadian. The album was produced by Paul Zaza and recorded at Paul's own Zaza Sound Productions, located at 16 Edenvale Crescent, Etobicoke. Apparently the album was pressed in a quantity of 2000, but due to a dispute with his church a good number of the original lp's were destroyed.

"Is There Any Love" was re-issued as a single-sided single by Chicago record label Numero Group in 2010 in a limited pressing of 200 copies. The song "Is There Any Love" was sampled by Kid Cudi and Monsters of Folk.

Judy Tate: voice
Jack Zaza: flutes
Lillian Nicholoff: strings
Dave Brown: drums
P.J. Zaza: piano, electric piano, conga, organ, bass guitar

Produced and arranged by Paul J. Zaza
Recording Engineer: P.J. Zaza
Technical Assistant: Ken Friesen
Photographer: Lennox Lennard

Recorded at Zaza Sound Productions, 16 Edenvale Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario


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