Crosstown Bus - High Grass

Format: LP
Label: MCA 7015
Year: 1971
Origin: Nelson, British Columbia
Genre: psych, pop, rock
Value of Original Title: $30.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: British Columbia, 1970's, Canadian Rock


Side 1

Track Name
High Grass
Too Many Mornings
Pass this Way Again
Pretty Millie

Side 2

Track Name
Rochester River
She Don't Care
In Ten Years Time
I'm Lost Without You


Label 02

Crosstown Bus - High Grass

Label 01

Crosstown Bus - High Grass


Crosstown Bus - High Grass


High Grass


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The group was formed in the late 60's in the city of Nelson, British Columbia. They played dances at school, traveled to California, and then moved to Vancouver, where they signed a contract with MCA Records and released 3 singles and one LP. After numerous changes in the composition of the group, they broke up in 1974.

Frank Ludwig continued his career as a keyboard player in the bands Trooper, Union, Ironhorse and Body Electric. Guitarist Blair Thornton was replaced by Tim Bachman in BTO. Jeff Boyne joined Hammersmith, and bassist Roger Henthorne became a pilot for BC Air.

Brian Anderson: bass, vocals
Bobby Blow: keyboards
Jeff Boyne: guitar, congas, lead vocals
Frank Ludwig: piano, guitar, organ, vocals
Rob Sommerville: organ, congas, vocals
Mike Kileen: drums, vocals

Bruce Fairbairn: horns
Ian Sinkewicz: horns
Sharmon King: horns

Recorded at Studio 3 in Vancouver, British Columbia
produced by Greg Hambleton and Tom Northcott


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