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Cree Fiddlers of James Bay - The Best Cree Fiddle Players of James Bay

Format: CD
Label: Hughboy Records
Year: 1993
Origin: James Bay, Québec
Genre: fiddle, First Nations
Keyword:  Cree, First Nations
Value of Original Title: $65.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: First Nations, Quebec, 1990's



Track Name
Roger Weapenicappo - Father's Reel
Matthew Mukash - The 8th of January
Bobby Georgekish - Wemindgji Bridge Reel
Malcolm House - Soldiers Joy
Sinclair Cheechoo - James Bay Doings
Clarence Louttit - Wemindji Reel
David Sam - Civil Service Breakdown
Peter Bosum - Big Muskeg Reel
James Stewart - Mamoweedow Minshtuktukch
All Fiddlers - Soldiers Joy


Cd cree fiddle players of james bay inside

Cree Fiddlers of James Bay - Best of the Cree Fiddlers of James Bay

Cd cree fiddle players of james bay cd

Cree Fiddlers of James Bay - Best of the Cree Fiddlers of James Bay

Cd cree fiddle players of james bay insert

Cree Fiddlers of James Bay - Best of the Cree Fiddlers of James Bay

Cd cree fiddle players of james bay back

Cree Fiddlers of James Bay - Best of the Cree Fiddlers of James Bay

Cd cree fiddle players of james bay front

The Best Cree Fiddle Players of James Bay


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A did-it-themselves project, this is a collection of 9 excellent Cree fiddlers from Moosonee to the James Bay coast of Québec. Ranging in ages from 19 to into their 70s, this collection brings a collective spirit that comes through the speakers really well.

Fiddle music was first introduced to the Cree and other tribes sometime in last half of the eighteenth century by Scottish servants from the Orkney Islands employed by the Hudson's Bay Company. The fiddle and its music easily captivated the Cree and presented a new language of exchange for both cultures. The Crees and other tribes across the country learned to play the fiddle but like most oral traditions, the tunes required some changes in the patterns and rhythms that sort of brought a new genres of music. It is said that the each Cree fiddler presents their own style.

Roger Weapenicappo
Mathew Mukash
Bobby Georgekish
Malcolm House
Sinclair Cheechoo
Clarence Loutit
David Sam
Peter Bosum
James Stewart

Roger Weapenicappo
Address: Eastmain, Québec
Born at: Wemindji, James Bay, Québec
Born: 1968

Roger Weapenicappo was raised in Eastmain where he started to play the fiddle because it gave him so much satisfaction when his music made so many people happy. Apart from his music, Roger spends a lot of his time helping and encouraging young people to find the right path to be brave and proud. Roger has been playing professionally since 1986 when he and some of his brothers formed the Weapenicappo Fiddling Band. He and his band travel a lot playing their music and have also done some recording.

Personal Statement: "I would like to give a message to the young people: Listen to Wisdom Whispers and don't let the Good turn to the Bad."

Mathew Mukash
Address: Whapmagoostul, Québec
Born At: In The Bush, approx. 100 miles northeast of the Great Whale River, Hudson's Bay, Québec, Canada.
Born: 1951
Started Playing at: Age 13

Mathew grew up living in the bush for the first 9 years of his life. After that he went to elementary school in Great Whale (now named Whapmagoostul). In the late 60s he moved to Montreal where for a period of over the next 10 years he completed high school, attended college and also university. At the age of 24 Mathew returned to Whapmagoostul and worked within the town as a police officer and also held various other jobs within the community. Since that time he has gained much public support and is now the chief of Whapmagoostul since 1992. Mathew has developed his own style of fiddle playing and has accumulated a vast repertoire of fiddle tunes derived from many sources and is well known in all the James Bay communities for his cheerful music.

Personal Statement: "At times like this, when we are struggling to have our rights recognized, we need to communicate with other people, and music is one form of communication that we can use to pass our message on to others."

Bobby Georgekish
Address: Wemindji, Québec
Born at: Old Factory, James Bay, Québec, Canada
Born: 1941
Started Playing at: age 20

Bobby grew up on the now deserted island of Old Factory. He moved to Moose Factory, Ontario when he was about 12 years old and attended school there. After his schooling he then moved back to Old Factory where he went hunting and trapping in the bush for awhile. Later, the people of Old Factory decided to relocate the whole population to a new location which is now called Wemindji. It was approximately that time when he began to play the fiddle. bobby now plays regularly at many weddings, dances, and various concerts and is also releasing his own album of fiddle tunes. The tune that he plays on this album was composed by him.

Personal Statement: "I would like to give a message to the young people to stay away from drugs and alcohol. they should focus their minds on the future and seek out the best things to do to ensure the best possible lives for themselves. Music could be an alternative form of enjoyment that I would encourage. To play music would also make many people happy and proud to have a musician in their family."

Malcolm House
Address: Chisasibi, Québec
Born At: Fort George, James Bay, Québec, Canada
Born: 1940
Started Playing at: age 16

Malcolm grew up in the bush hunting and trapping with his family. He never went to school. He was raised by his grandfather as his mother died when his sister was born. He was two years old at the time. He got married at the age of 22. Malcolm still goes hunting and fishing to this day and now resides in Chisasibi with his wife and five children.

Personal Statement: "I really enjoyed the fiddle concert that we did in Wemindji to make this album. The people that I met were very friendly and there was a lot of fiddle playing going on all the tim. I liked it a lot."

Sinclair Cheechoo
Address: Moose Factory, Ontario
Born at: Eastmain, Québec, Canada
Born: 1922

Sinclair grew up in Eastmain and eventually got a job working for the Hudson's Bay Company. He got married in Eastmain at age 22. During his employment he was transferred to Winisk in 1947. He later worked at Fort George and spent the winters in Canaipiscau. At age 36 he quit working for the Baie and moved to Moose Factory. Sinclair, who is now an accomplished fiddle player, has put out several recordings of his music throughout the years and is highly respected for his accomplishments as well as a fine gentleman.

Personal Statement: "When I was young I didn't have a fiddle of my own and had to borrow one to practice and learn. the more I played the more I wanted to learn and play even better. I really enjoy playing the fiddle even to this day and I encourage young people to play as well."

Clarence Loutit
Address: Moose Factory, Ontario
Born At: Fort George, Québec, Canada
Born: 1934

Clarence spent most of his younger years at the now deserted island of Fort George. He started playing and practising his first fiddle tunes on his grandfather's fiddle. he moved to Old Factory when he was about 18 years old and that is where he began playing in public. Eventually Moose Factory became his home and there he played often at many dances and weddings. He was even asked once to play his fiddle over the PA system at the hospital for the patients. Clarence is well known for his precise fiddle playing and has played throughout the communities of James Bay as well as the city of Toronto, Timmins, North Bay, and other places.

Personal Statement: "I have composed a few tunes in my days and the tune that I play on this album called the Wemindji Reel was created one day while practising in Wemindji, hence became the title."

David Sam
Address: Chisasibi, Québec
Born At: Fort George, James Bay, Québec, Canada
Born: 1971
Started Playing at age: 10

David grew up on Fort George island and spent most of his younger years hunting and trapping on the mainland. He moved to Chisasibi in 1980 and attended school there. He played a lot of fiddle at home when he was young and played at his first public appearance at age 14. David is a fiddle player that is frequently requested to play at weddings and gatherings in many communities.

Personal Statement: "There was a time when I drank a lot and had lots of trouble because of it. I have overcome this problem now and my life and my fiddle playing have improved significantly. My message is to the young people to try and overcome this problem just as I did."

Peter Bosum
Address: Mistissini, Québec
Born At: In the Bush somewhere near Mistissini Lake, James Bay, Québec, Canada
Born: 1928
Started Playing Fiddle at: age 10

Peter grew up in the bush where he learned to hunt and trap at an early age. He never went to school. He lived in the bush most of his life living off the land as generations of his family had done throughout the years before him. He got married at age 33 in Mistissini and now has 9 children. Peter is a fine fiddle player and is well liked in Mistissini for his unique style.

Personal Statement: "The first time I tried to play the fiddle I used a small stick that I had tied a string to both ends. This was all I had and that's what I tried to play with. I finally got my own fiddle and have been playing it ever since. It is the best instrument that I know of."

James Stewart
Address: Chisasibi, Québec
Born at: Old Factory, James Bay, Québec, Canada
Started playing fiddle at: age 13

James grew up in Old Factory where he spent most of his younger years. Later he went to school in Moose Factory, Ontario. After school he became ill and had to be hospitalized for almost 18 months. during his time in the hospital he started to play the fiddle to pass the time. James eventually left the hospital and returned to Old Factory where he was requested to play at many square dances. He moved again, this time to Fort George Island, where he got married in 1964. He stayed there ever since and now resides in Chisasibi, Québec.

Personal Statement: "I would like to encourage young people, boys and girls, to learn to play the fiddle. I will always enjoy to play the fiddle for as long as I live."

All tunes were recorded on location in Wemindji, Québec, during the months of July and August, 1993 at Mike's Studio.

The live tune was recorded at the Best Cree Fiddle Players concert held in Wemindji, Québec on July 21st, 1993 at the community auditorium.

Mathew Mukash was recorded on location in Whapmagoostul situated at the mouth of the Great Whale River in northern Québec.

This album was made possible through the dedication of the fiddle players who travelled to Wemindji, James Bay, Québec to make the recording. We would also like to say thank you to the fans, the people who enjoy hearing their music and give them the support they need.

Produced by Mike McGee; Recording, mixing and mastering at Mike's Studio, Wemindji, Québec

This album is a 100% native product of Canada.
Mike's Studio is a Cree owned business - Hughboy Records is Cree owned and operated. All fiddle players on this album are Cree Indian.


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