Terry craford   total loss of control %281986%29 better


Crawford, Terri - Total Loss of Control

Format: LP
Label: Attic LAT-1228
Year: 1986
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba - Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, pop, electronic
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Canadian Christmas, Rock Room, Manitoba, 1980's, Canadian Women in Song


Side 1

Track Name
First Step
So Nice to See You
One Night
We're Just Friends
On a Night Like This

Side 2

Track Name
I'll be Back
Standing in the Shadows of Love
How Do I Get You
Live Without You
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


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Crawford, Terri / Total Loss of Control

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Crawford, Terri / Total Loss of Control

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Crawford, Terri / Total Loss of Control

Terry craford   total loss of control %281986%29 better

Total Loss of Control


No Video


Album #4 Total Loss of Control.
No label, new management and a new production team. Tim Thorney and Joel Feeney produced this recording with Bryan Allan (from the band Toronto) also contributing. It was recorded primarily at Metal Works Studio in Toronto. A host of Toronto Session players contributed their talents to this one. (Lou Pomanti, Jorn Anderson, Bernie LaBarge, Earl Seymour, John Johnson and Lenny Solomon) Tracks “Standing in the Shadow of Love “ and “Christmas, Baby Please Come Home” were recorded live off the floor and are standout tracks. Singles “I’ll Be Back” and “First Step” did well. “First Step” also had a video made for it, which received coverage on Much Music and a number of video outlets. The album was released on Attic Records in Canada and the experience led us to “retire” from the recording business until recently. We chalked this one up to experience. The musical side of things was a pleasure, but the politics was hell.


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