Copperpenny - ST

Format: LP
Label: RCA LSP 4291
Year: 1970
Origin: Kitchener, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, psych
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room, Toronto Sound


Side 1

Track Name
I've Been Hurt Before - Ritchie's Party
It's a Happy Day
Castles of Sand

Side 2

Track Name
That Was The Game
Just a Sweet Little Thing
It's a Rainy Day
Why Don't You Go For Me
Stop The World





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While there are many prophets predicting a shoo-in for those born under the sign of Aquarius, they are merely predicting and with just the stars to help. However, the Canadian recording industry is, in fact, coming into its own and this is not mere speculation; it’s based on fact – the fact that 1969 was the door opener and the bowing of 1970 saw more activity, recording-wise, than in any similar period to date. Although many Canadians had for years been making slight inroads into the international music business, ’69 was the big year when the fuse stopped sputtering and made rapid moves towards the explosive area, which could very well be 1970. The fuse was carried along by names such as David Clayton Thomas, The Guess Who, Motherlode and Steppenwolf (which has a nucleus of Canadians).

Now comes an opportunity to add another name to the growing list: Copperpenny. This group has enlisted the services of producer extraordinaire Jack Richardson, already batting 1000 with his productions.

Copperpenny is from Kitchener, Ontario, not far from the plum of the Canadian music industry, Toronto. Their story goes back two years and several record releases. They’ve gone through a period of struggling and development, and today emerge on this album as seasoned and polished record performers who also equal in person their waxed performance.

One large plus for the group is the fact that they do all their own material and are capable of covering a large range. Whether it is bubblegum or heavy rock, they adapt with ease. Their material is imaginative and will cause the listener to reflect back upon many very acceptable sounds.

This album showcases the highly talented five man group in a package augmented with strings and horns. At times you feel you are listening to a rock classic, while on other cuts you sense the neighbourhood group. It’s also possible to detect an established hit – which will, no doubt, eventually be the case.

With Copperpenny, on disc or in person, be prepared to hear anything. Their bag is not restricted; rather, it is very large and their talents are much larger. They have already become known nationally and they stand on the threshold of breaking into the international market. With this album their musical abilities will be proven.

Meet and listen to the sound of Copperpenny:

Rich Wamil: lead and group vocal as well as organ, bass, piano, guitar and trumpet.
Laverne McDonald: lead guitar, also lead and group vocal.
Kenny Hollis: lead singer, also group vocal. He will soon emerge as one of the few electronic vocals.
Bert Hamer: drummer, group vocal and almost all percussion instruments.
Paul Reibling: on bass, is considered an electronic genius and assists with group vocals.

That’s your program line-up for some very fine listening to today’s bag by a musical unit capable of communicating today’s sounds.
-Walt Grealis, Editor/Publisher RPM Weekly

Kenny Hollis: vocals
Bill Mononen: guitar
Ron Hiller: bass
Rich Wamil: keyboards, clavinet, vocals
Blake Barrett: drums

Arranged by Ben McPeek.
Recording Engineer: Brian Christian
Recording Technician: Russ Vestuto
Mastering Engineer: Randy Kling
Recorded in RCA's Mid-America Recording Center, Chicago, Illinois.
Produced by Jack Richardson


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